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by James Antony | Last Updated: 6th May 2020

Sunex Tools are an important part of your tool chest, especially if you’re into construction and have to perform fastenings in different materials. In this article, we take a look at five different professional-grade Sunex Tools – one brand that has always been at the forefront of manufacturing reliable tools that have a high value for money. If you want to have a lifetime of trustworthy performance then you must invest in tools from brands like Sunex.

Sunex 9726 Mini Ratchet and Bit Set Best Ratchet Set

Sunex 9726 Mini Ratchet and Bit Set Review and Buyer’s Guide

Sunex 9726 Mini Ratchet and Bit Set


This 38-piece mini ratchet and bit set includes all the common sizes that you would ever require for automotive repairs. It also comes with a durable aluminum case that allows for easy and compact storage.


Bit tips are made of high-quality S2 steel that is break-resistant which gives them long life and usage. The mini ratchet is made of high polished steel and includes a ¼ inch quick release extension to make it easy on hard to reach places.

Sunex Tools Set Review


The 36 bits in the set are ideal for accommodating any application. The other two pieces – a quick release extension bar, and a ratchet handle – add to the convenience of the whole toolset.


Even after years of usage, this 38-piece set will work flawlessly without much wear. If, in case, the bits get rusty, use tool oil to get the debris out. The case is very handy, comes with a latch, a viewing window on top. The box is lined with armor flex rubber and the bits don’t slide have a snug fit into their respective slots.

  • Quality Steel construction and Durable Aluminum Case
  • Has a quick-release extension bar
  • Various bit types included
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Ratchet can change from tightening to loosening by accident

Sunex 9917 MPR Metric Combination Wrench Set Best Wrench Set

Sunex 9917 MPR Metric Combination Wrench Set Review and Buyer’s Guide

Sunex 9917 MPR Metric Combination Wrench Set


This 25-piece wrench set by Sunex puts a new spin on handling fasteners. With improved design and working strength, these wrenches are guaranteed to stay with you through life.


This wrench set includes 25 pieces ranging from 8mm to 32mm with no missing pieces in between. The wrenches have a V-groove design that ensures that they do not slip or round off by wear and tear on the fasteners. The wrenches are all made of drop forged alloy steel which provides supreme levels of strength and comfort. There is no doubt that the design of these wrenches is truly a class apart that leverages its performance.

Sunex Metric Wrench Review


The chamfered box end of the wrenches allows for easy guidance onto fasteners which makes your work much more efficient. There is also a 15-degree offset box end that provides enough room for your fingers and other obstructions near the fastener. A canvas protective holder is included to help you carry and store the wrenches with ease. The product also comes with a lifetime warranty so users can purchase and forget about their tool-shed worries.

  • A wide range of sizes
  • V-groove design reduces wear on fasteners
  • Drop forged alloy steel construction
  • Chamfered box and 15-degree offset box end
  • The included canvas protective holder is of subpar quality

Sunex 3580 3/8 Inch Drive Master Impact Socket Set Best Impact Socket Set

Sunex 3580 3/8 Inch Drive Master Impact Socket Set Review and Buyer’s Guide

Sunex 3580 3/8 Inch Drive Master Impact Socket Set


Next up on our Sunex Tools Review, is an 80-piece impact socket set that is a professional’s dream tool kit. With high-quality construction and multiple application purposes, this Sunsex Impact Socket Set is truly one of the best in the market.


All units are made of Cr-Mo steel which allows them to have the strength and the flexibility to handle the high-torque impact. Where corner to wall contact in traditional sockets leads to fastener wear, the radius corner design of Sunex tools increases torque while reducing wear by the distribution of force along the walls.

Sunex Impact Socket


The impact socket set by Sunex performs exceptionally well thanks to the chamfered openings which quickly aligns with the socket and improves efficiency. It is also easy to identify the sockets since they are laser etched and permanently marked. The universal joint adapts to all sockets for use in swivel applications. Thanks to a wide array of extensions, users have access to virtually all fasteners.


All sockets are tested rigorously and ensure high levels of performance and durability. Furthermore, they also come with a lifetime warranty which should alleviate any worries that you may have regarding your purchase. The set comes with a heavy-duty storage case that lends itself to easy storage and portability.

  • Easy identification of the pieces
  • Cr-Mo Steel construction
  • Has Universal Joint
  • Reduces wear by eliminating contact with fastener corners
  • Sockets don’t stay in place in the storage case

Sunex 1120 Combination Screwdriver Set Best Screwdriver Set

Sunex 1120 Combination Screwdriver Set Review and Buyer’s Guide

Sunex 1120 Combination Screwdriver Set


The penultimate product by Sunex on our Sunex Tools Review is a comprehensive 20-piece screwdriver set. If you’re looking for a screwdriver set that has an amazing construction and has all the pieces that you will ever need, then this product will not disappoint.


When it comes to design, there is hardly a company that can outclass Sunex. All the drivers have a matte finish that resists abrasion and flaking. To enhance the durability of the drivers, their tips are vapor blasted while the molded handle allows for maximum comfort while use. The bolster provides additional torque on the slotted and Philips screwdrivers.

Sunex Screwdrivers Review


Thanks to their premium design, the performance is way above average. With a lifetime warranty, users can rest assured that they would never have to buy another screwdriver set for their tool kit. The screwdrivers come in a nicely molded tray for your toolbox. This ensures portability and storage. For this price, you won’t get a better deal in the market.

  • Great design and construction
  • Amazing Ergonomics
  • The set comes with a molded tray
  • Lifetime warranty and good price
  • The screwdriver case is not of decent quality

Sunex 9710M 3/8-Inch Drive Metric Crowfoot Flare Nut Wrench Set Best Crowfoot Set

Sunex 9710M 3/8-Inch Drive Metric Crowfoot Flare Nut Wrench Set Review and Buyer’s Guide

Sunex 9710M 3/8-Inch Drive Metric Crowfoot Flare Nut Wrench Set


Last, but not the least, on our list is a crowfoot flare nut wrench set by Sunex. This 10-piece set is a must-have for professionals and DIY enthusiasts and will be a welcome addition to their toolbox.


The crowfoot nut wrenches are made of drop-forge alloy steel which is responsible for its strength. The 10-piece set has various sizes, ranging from 10mm all the way to 19mm with no missing sizes in between. A 15-degree offset provides enough clearance for your fingers, making it highly ergonomic in design.

Sunex Tools Review


These nut wrenches are known for their premium quality that lends itself to optimum performance. Since they are open at each end, they provide for easy access over lines and tubing. The five sides of the wrenches allow for maximum grip over the fasteners. With this set, users also receive a storage rail which allows for easy organization, transport, and storage.

  • Easy storage and organization
  • Drop forge steel construction
  • Superb ergonomics and maximum grip
  • Great performance
  • Not best for everyday use

Sunex Tools Review

Sunex Tools Review – Buyer’s Guide/FAQs

Are Sunex tools any good?

Sunex tools are some of the best that you will ever buy and provide a great blend of everything you would want in such tools without compromising on anything. Not only will they prove to be quite a useful addition to your toolkit, but they are also not as expensive compared to other products in the market.

Are Sunex tools lifetime warranty?

Most of the Sunex tools come with a lifetime warranty and so if any issue arises it can be solved promptly by the company for no additional cost. However, it is always a good practice to check for the same once before purchasing.

Where are Sunex tools made?

Most of the Sunex tools are made in Taiwan. This allows them to be relatively cheaper than most such products in the market without compromising on the build. In fact, Sunex tools have amazing construction and are quite durable in that regard.

Sunex Tools Review – Final Thoughts

Sunex tools have gained widespread popularity for their amazing design, great construction quality, and superb durability. Most of them even come with a lifetime warranty which should allay some of the fears regarding their sturdiness.

If you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, then Sunex tools are going to be your most reliable tools of the trade. They build almost every tool that a contractor should have in his toolkit.

We hope that through this article, you have come to understand which of the Sunex tools are worth your salt and what sets them apart. Always remember that working with such tools on heavy machinery can be hazardous and should only be done by those who are well versed in their craft.

Did you like our Sunex Tools Review or may be you have some of Sunex Tools and can share with your experience? Please comment!
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