Cabot Australian Timber Oil Review – Best Protecting Oil

by James Antony | Last Updated: 18th January 2020

Every few years, it is important that one re-stains the furniture, the decks, the railings, and various other surfaces that need to be protected from foreign elements. A good timber oil is necessary to protect your furniture from damage and to extend its life. Such protection becomes inevitable when one has objects made of exotic wood.

But with such numerous products available in the market that have different blends and properties, it can be quite nerve-wracking to decide which one to spend your money on. However, in our experience, there is not a single product that comes close to delivering an excellent performance the way Cabot Australian Timber Oil does.

From providing protection against foreign elements to increasing the surface appeal of tithe wood to even extending the durability of the wood – there is much that this timber oil can do for your furniture.

In this review, we take a look at what makes this timber oil unique and how it has been able to capture such a wide market and become one of the best products in the industry. Furthermore, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this product at the end of our review.

Cabot Australian Timber Oil Water Reducible Strain

Cabot Australian Timber Oil Water Reducible Strain Review - Buyer’s Guide

Cabot Australian Timber Oil


There are various reasons to get this timber oil. It is not only made of quality ingredients which allow it to provide nothing less than the best performance for your furniture, but it is also known for its easy application.


The product is made through a unique mix of oils that are formulated to protect different Australian wood furniture from extreme weather damage. If you care for the quality of your furniture and don’t want to lose its healthy sheen, then you must give it a Cabot oil treatment. It penetrates deep into the wood and accentuates its wood depth.

There are five different color tones that you can choose from and get the perfect hue for all your exterior furniture.

Those who use Cabot oil on their furniture come away delighted knowing that the durability of their furniture has been increased by many years, and this is directly visible in the color depth. It even repels water and thus provides total three-way protection against harmful elements.

Additionally, it also works well against UV rays and protects the wood by absorbing the UV at the surface.


There are many unique mixtures and blends that allow Cabot Oil to provide different types of wood with all-round protection. To ensure maximum penetration deep into the wood, linseed oil is utilized, which is of supreme quality.

The durability and strength that the wood gets from the oil are possible due to the long oil alkyds. Lastly, the color depth and water repulsion properties are possible due to the use of tung oil that comes from the rainforests of South America.

Cabot Australian Timber Oil Aerosol Natural

Cabot Australian Timber Oil Aerosol Natural Review - Buyer’s Guide

Cabot Australian Timber Oil Aerosol



The oil can be used on various objects, both indoors and outdoors. Some of the areas include side railings, banisters, wood decks, fences, steps, and exterior furniture. It is recommended that one uses a brush to apply the oil to get the best results. Back-brushing is encouraged to allow the oil to penetrate deep into the wood.

Apply in singular motions from one edge to the next. Ensure that you apply the oil to small sections at a time. The oil that does not penetrate into the wood must be cleaned off or rubbed into the wood board corresponding to the grain. When used on exterior furniture, the best results are attained by rubbing the finish into the grain with your hands with the use of a soft cloth.

Coverage and Wood

The rate at which the oil spreads will depend on how porous the surface is. Around 500 square feet of smooth surfaces can be covered. The oil is ideal for woods such as mahogany and teak and other exotic wood surfaces.

Preparation of the Surface

It is essential that the wood surface is adequately prepared to provide the best finish possible. This is because regardless of the product you have, its durability will be impaired if the surface is poorly prepared. Though the product itself is mildew resistant, it must be ensured that the surface doesn’t contain any mildew during application.

Additionally, make sure that wood fibers, dirt, and other foreign matters are also kept away.

Ultimately, the surface needs to be completely dry and in proper structural condition. You can even use sandpaper to sand and open the pores, which can allow the product to get maximum penetration. Post-application clean-up is necessary to ensure that no hazardous substances are liable to combust spontaneously, and the empty cans are disposed of properly.

The only issue with this product is that one needs to apply several layers of it to encourage deeper penetration into the wood. Other than that, we would highly recommend this product to enhance the durability and beauty of wood finishes.

  • Mildew resistance
  • Color retention
  • Can clean up with soap and water
  • Water repellent
  • Highly durable
  • Easy application
  • Ideal for outdoor furniture, railings, and decks
  • Needs several layers of coating to encourage deeper penetration

Cabot Gold Finish Stain Fireside

Cabot Gold Finish Stain Fireside Cherry Review - Buyer’s Guide

Cabot Gold Finish Stain Fireside


Cabot Australian Timber Oil Review – FAQ

How long does Cabot Australian Timber Oil last?

Depending on the exposure to the sun and general wear and tear due to weathering or otherwise, the oil can last for up to 2-3 years. After this period, re-staining will be required. This time can be extended to up to 4 years if the oil is applied in layers, and the best finish is produced through hand rubbing.

Can you use Cabot Australian Timber Oil on cedar?

This product works well with a variety of woods, including cedar. Ensure that you strip off the old stain if there is any before applying the timber oil. Once the coating is applied, let it sit for at least 48 hours, and the finish will come out fine.

Is Australian timber oil a sealant?

Yes, the timber oil is a sealant that will not allow water to pass through the surface of the wood. Its water repellent tendency is possible thanks to the blending of tung oil in the mix. As the years proceed, you will be required to re-stain the surface so the repellency of the oil is maintained and the wood remains free of mildew and rot.

Is oil or water-based deck stain better?

Both oil – and water-based deck stains have their own advantages that users must consider before deciding on one. Oil-based stains provide better protection against elements and have a more polished and even finish. They are also much more durable and require little maintenance.

On the other hand, water-based stains can be applied to wood that has stained previously with oil-based stains. They aren’t as flammable as oil-based stains and are safer to use. They also dry quicker than their oil-based counterparts and do not have a pungent smell.

So, ultimately, your needs and preferences will determine which stain works best for you. If you are unsure which one to get, you can even consider getting a hybrid of the two. Whatever the case may be, ensure that you get a quality product such as Cabot Australian timber oil that can see you through your projects with ease.

Cabot Australian Timber Oil Review – Conclusion

If it appears that your exterior furniture has seen better days, perhaps it is time to give the old codger a repaint. Not only will it allow it to last for many more years, but it will also increase its beauty and its appeal. The best products for this purpose are VOC compliant, and such is the case with Cabot Australian timber oil.

It provides well-rounded protection from various elements, shields the wood from UV rays, and works as a sealant, which ensures that water does not get into the cracks and the crevices and rot the wood from the inside. You won’t have to worry about the onset of mildew either since its oil-based system wards off such infestation before it can take root.

Always ensure that all rags, cloths, or other materials are soaked in water to limit the chances of spontaneous combustion. Furthermore, ensure the lid is on when the product is not in use and that the empty box is safely disposed of according to local regulations. It is essential that you follow these at all times to guarantee your safety and those around you.

We hope that through this review, you have become intimate with the various aspects of the Cabot Australian timber oil and how it can help you improve the quality of the wood from degenerating with time. There aren’t many products in the market that can give Cabot timber oil a run for its money.

For all intents and purposes, you can rely on the company to provide the best product possible that can take care of all your furniture re-staining and painting projects.

What do you think about our Cabot Australian Timber Oil review? Please share your opinion in comments! And don’t forget to check which tools and gadgets will be also usefull in your workshop!

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