Rikon 10-326 Review – Efficient And Superior Bandsaw For Wood And Metal Works

by James Antony | Last Updated: 15th February 2020

A bandsaw is just like a jigsaw that is table mounted. It is ideal for cutting different types of materials, including metal and wood, based on the type of blade you use for cutting. Whenever you are in need of creating complicated curved shapes in wood or metal, a bandsaw is a right tool to have.

The Rikon 10-326 is an innovative bandsaw that is designed for making cutting easier. Read this Rikon 10-326 Review to know about the product in detail, its pros, cons, and my recommendation. Also, find the buying guide, which I’m sure will help you make an informed choice.

RIKON Power Tools 10-326 14inch Deluxe Bandsaw

RIKON Power Tools 10-326 14inch Deluxe Bandsaw Review - Efficient And Superior Quality Bandsaw For Wood And Metal Works

RIKON Power Tools 10-326 Deluxe Bandsaw


Features of Rikon Power Tools Bandsaw

Bandsaws are sturdy motor-driven tools that help make your wood and metalwork simpler and easier. The Rikon Power Tools 10-326 is not an exception. Here are its features at a glance:

Rikon 10-326 Review - Efficient And Superior Quality Bandsaw For Wood And Metal Works

Design and Materials

The deluxe bandsaw from Rikon provides woodworkers a cutting capacity of 13 5/8 inches wide and 13-inch height. The bandsaw comes with a large table of 16 inches depth and 22 inches width, which is a wide enough platform when working on large boards.

A trunnion of rack and pinion type is present that can be adjusted with a single hand easily. The lever used for locking too can be done with a single hand.

The bandsaw is provided with a dust port of 4 inches with good dust collection. I found the power switch easy to use as it is large and protrudes prominently, making it easy to push on or off.

Rikon 10-326 Review - Efficient And Superior Quality Bandsaw For Wood And Metal Works


The Rikon Bandsaw is provided with a motor of 1 ¾ HP, 115/230 dual voltage option. The blade has two different speed adjustments, namely 2950 ft/minute or 1,445 ft/minute. This provides sufficient power for tough tasks like cutting lumber or resawing.

Additionally, the saw is capable of cutting materials of other types like metals of non-ferrous type, foam, composites, and plastics.

I have tried different types of materials with it, including resawing boards of width ranging from 10 inches to 12 inches and benches that were as thick as 10/4 inches.

Rikon 10-326 Review - Efficient And Superior Quality Bandsaw For Wood And Metal Works

Convenience Of Handling Rikon Bandsaw

The bandsaw has very good settings for adjustments, guides, and basic controls, ensuring you have an easy time of it when you get to work on wood or other materials.

The blade guide, for instance, is a breeze to use. I did not need any tool to set it. This is because it is spring-loaded. The springs push the guide from the blade when you do not lock it in place. I could push the guide in with a single hand while controlling the locking knob using the other hand.

The fence adjustments are easier without tools too. The adjustments made in the fence include changing the orientation of the fence from half an inch to 6 inches. I could also adjust for drift in the fence as easily.

RIKON 10-306 Deluxe Bandsaw 10inch

RIKON 10-306 Deluxe Bandsaw 10inch Review - Efficient And Superior Quality Bandsaw For Wood And Metal Works

RIKON 10-306 Deluxe Bandsaw 10inch


Using Rikon Bandsaw

Opening Rikon Power Tools 10-326 bandsaw from its package cannot be done alone as the crate which is packed in along with the tool, weighs 285 pounds. The machine has tools for assembly, which are a bit difficult to find unless you know where to look for them. The tools are present on the base by the side near the box that has the fence.

For the assembly, the instruction manual has clear and detailed instructions. I had to clean some of the parts as they were filled with grease or oil. I used alcohol to wipe off the residue. I used a ½ inch wrench for the metric bolts, and every part was easy to fit without any hassle.

But images and descriptions of the parts would have made it far easier. After fixing the base part, I had it fitted with a mobility base, which is an additional tool that is simple but well-constructed.

While lifting the saw on to the base, sufficient care should be taken as it is quite heavy and does not have any handle to grip it on top. I skid blocks under the saw to place it over the base and screw it to the base. I used engine hoist for lifting it as with a hand, it moves around, making it difficult to lift it.

After placing it erect, the remaining setup was easy. If you are using the bandsaw for cutting wood or for ripping off material, the fence is not needed. Even if the manual instructions require a helper to set the table as it is heavy, it was still manageable.

Rikon 10-326 Review - Efficient And Superior Quality Bandsaw For Wood And Metal Works

Working with Rikon Power Tools Bandsaw

Since the adjustments are easy with the Rikon Bandsaw, I could do it in a jiffy. I tried the 2/8 inch by 4 TPI blade for trimming a 2 x 4. I then checked the blade of ¼ inch x 6 TPI dimension for cutting aluminum sheet. The saw worked well in the high and low-speed settings.

For blade changing, the method was direct and well made. One handy feature I liked very much is the right-side window that allows you to view the blade while the door is closed safely.

For cutting, the motor shows impressive power. However, make sure you have the dust port placed properly. Without installing the dust port, the sawdust will easily enter into the wheel compartment below. Even if the lower wheel comes with an inbuilt brush, it is safer to have the dust port in place.

Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence 10-Inch

RIKON 10-306 Deluxe Bandsaw 10inch Review - Efficient And Superior Quality Bandsaw For Wood And Metal Works

Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence


Budget Benefits – Rikon 10-326 Review

Rikon Power Tools is a brand popular for its wide range of machinery for woodworking, including bandsaws, lathes, grinders, drill presses, and sanders. The company assures quality products which are attested by the five years warranty it provides for its woodworking power tools.

The 10 326 Rikon bandsaw also has a warranty period of 5 years. Though the price is high , the various features, convenient to use design and compact nature of the tool makes the price seem worth it.

  • The table is large and made of cast iron
  • The wheels are well balanced and made of cast iron
  • The guide system is very easy to use without any need for additional tools
  • Dual speed is handy for cutting different types of materials
  • The instruction manual needs to be more descriptive
  • Adjustment bolt near the fence keeps falling off whenever the fence head crosses the miter slot
  • The power on and off button protrudes too much

Rikon 10-326 Review - Efficient And Superior Quality Bandsaw For Wood And Metal Works

Rikon 10-326 Review – Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a buying guide that will help you choose a bandsaw that appropriately suits your needs. Read on to know the features and other aspects of a bandsaw you should be aware of:

What features are important when buying a bandsaw?

Look for bandsaws that have frames made of full cast iron or solid steel. These are ideal as they are vibration resistant and stable and provide sufficient weight to hold the saws stable when you load long stocks on the bandsaw table. Other features you should look for include multiple speed controls, adjustable fences, miter gauges, and inbuilt lights.

Is a stand necessary for a bandsaw?

Yes, look for a stand made of durable material. The stand helps in raising the bandsaw to a height that is convenient for you to work on without compromising bench space.

What does a blade tension indicator do?

Blade tension indicator, as well as the tracker windows, are essential components in a bandsaw — this helps to check whether the tool has the right tension. The tension differs based on the type of blade used and the size of the blade too.

How does a dust port help in a bandsaw?

Although the debris of sawdust created by bandsaws is very negligible, a dust port will ensure even the little bit of debris produced does not scatter. A minimum of 2 ¼ inches or a 4-inch capacity dust port can be found in most models. You can connect the port to your vacuum or just a dust collection bag.

Rikon 10-326 Manual

The manual for Rikon 10-326 can be downloaded here.

Rikon 10-326 Review – Bottom line

If you are in search of industrial capacity, saw, the Rikon 10-326 is a good choice to consider. The mobility base allows for easy portability. The large-sized table allows more room for working. However, it is not for those on a budget or has limited space.

The easy of adjustments and efficient design features that allow for hassle-free handling make the high price well worth it. For heavy-duty work, this is a very useful tool to have. The in-built holders for the accessories are another feature I like in this bandsaw. The base with its door and shelf is also a good design feature for storing the accessories. Overall it is a smooth working tool that operates efficiently and quietly.

Did you like our Rikon 10-326 Review? Please, comment! And don’t forget to check which other tools will be useful in your workshop.

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