How To Test A Tachometer With A Multimeter – Easy Step-by-Step Manual

by James Antony | Last Updated: 7th September 2020

The tachometer is a very crucial component of a car and riding with a faulty tachometer can result to be dangerous. If caught with a faulty tachometer one can be fined or even lose their driving license. Losing a driving license can cause great troubles in the future affecting your ease of transport to a great extent.

There are many instances when a tachometer is very essential especially when riding on the highway. It can be easily repaired during service maintenances of the car but if someone is looking to save some dollars tachometer can be tested at home too.

With the help of some basic tools like screwdrivers and multimeter, one can easily test a tachometer at home.

Below mentioned are the steps which will solve the query of How To Test A Tachometer With A Multimeter.

Step 1:

To start one would need a multimeter and some screwdrivers. Once these items are ready make sure to calibrate your multimeter for the best results. In this process, the tachometer can be tested without having to remove it or the dashboard which is rewarding.

The entire process will revolve around the wirings of the tachometer allowing testing the tachometer under the hood.

Begin with opening the hood and ten locate the ground wire which is thin and runs from one corner of the car to the other. The ground wire is placed between the body and the engine of the car.

How To Test A Tachometer With A Multimeter

Step 2:

The next step will require locating the wire box. Once the ground wire is located it leads you to the breaker box. In the box, there is a wire that leads to the tachometer which is to be discovered. This wire is known as the wire box which leads to the tachometer.

As such, there is no information provided by the manufacturers as the location differs from car to car. This is why it becomes very difficult to locate the wire leading to the tachometer.

One way to locate this wire is by testing every wire in the box with the multimeter. The process might seem lengthy but is very useful to know the exact wire that leads to the tachometer. Once found a mark could be established in the wire for easy access in the future.

Step 3:

In this step, it is explained very straightforward how to test a tachometer with a multimeter. Once the wire leading to the tachometer is discovered then insert the tachometer probe into the multimeter.

After doing this the multimeter should be connected to the AC to start the testing. Now the tachometer wire that was discovered is to be touched by the multimeter. Keep someone at the rider seat to check whether the tachometer is functioning or not.

This can be done by accelerating keeping the vehicle in a neutral position. Tell the person on the riding seat to check when the tachometer dial reaches certain points for testing purposes.

The same results will be showing on the multimeter if the tachometer is working properly. If the tachometer is not showing the same results then it will be best to visit an experienced mechanic for a replacement.

How To Test A Tachometer With A Multimeter

Certain tips are to be kept in mind before starting the testing process for the best results:

Conclusion – How To Test A Tachometer With A Multimeter

Keeping in mind the above steps and tips one can easily check their tachometer at home which is rewarding. If any fault is found in the tachometer then it is advised to get it replaced as tachometers are very essential for smooth riding experience.

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