How to Get Gas Off Your Hands? Six Super Effective Methods!

by James Antony | Last Updated: 11th September 2020

Anyone unfortunate enough to spill gasoline on hands knows how much the odor can linger and how strong it is. The smell of gasoline can follow you the whole day, but thankfully there are six proven methods on how to get gas off your hands without using any harsh chemicals.

The most well-known methods are to use detergent and salt or lemon juice, another option is to use vanilla extract, white vinegar, and alcohol or sanitizer. The mentioned agents will not harm your skin and will leave your hands clean and smelling fresh. And the most popular you can find at the end of this article.

#1 Wash your hand with Salt and Detergent

Firstly: you need to get a cup and pour two to three tablespoons of regular table salt into it. The salt acts as a gentle but effective exfoliate and also helps remove any smell of gasoline. Before you wash your hands, keep the cup next to the sink so it’s easily accessible.

Secondly: cover your hands with a liberal amount of dish detergent. The ingredients in dish detergent help break the gasoline’s chemical bond. Remember that you should only thinly cover your fingers and palms with standard dish detergent.

Thirdly: gently rub the salt and detergent on your hands. After you’ve covered your hands with a thin layer of detergent, add a little of salt on top as you rub your hands together ensure you thoroughly massage all your fingers and palms and do so for one to two minutes.

Lastly: rinse the detergent and salt from your hands using warm water. You shouldn’t have to add any extra detergent while washing your hands, running them under warm water should remove any traces of the gasoline and the detergent and salt. Always dry your hands well when you’re finished.

#2 Scrub well using with Lemon Juice

Firstly: you need to make a water and lemon juice mix. Using equal parts water and lemon juice fill half a cup, ensuring that the mixture is well blended using either a starting utensil or a spoon.

Secondly: Pour the water and lemon juice mixture on your hands, rubbing it into your fingers and palms for at least one to two minutes. Continue to rub this mixture in your hands until the gasoline’s odor has been eliminated.

Lastly: make sure that you fully rinse your hands you can use both soap and water or most times just water alone will be enough. As well as removing all traces of the gasoline it will also leave just a hint of lemon. So you don’t have to work overly hard to eliminate the odor of the gasoline. Always ensure your hands are fully dried when you finish.

#3 Use a Vanilla extract

Firstly: create a mixture of water and vanilla, by adding some drops of vanilla extract into a half cup of water. If you can’t smell the vanilla extract in your water mixture, just add some more drops.

Secondly: pour the mixture into the palm of your hands and rub your hands together. Always remember to rub plenty of the mixture between your fingers. Continue to do this for 1 to 2 minutes or you can finish once you no longer smell any gasoline odor from your hands

Lastly: once you’re happy, the smell of gasoline has been removed, and wash your hands using water and soap. Intensive scrubbing isn’t necessary as the vanilla extract leaves a pleasant after smell. Once again you should always ensure that you try your hands early when you finish washing.

How to get gas off your hands?

#4 Clean your hands using white vinegar

Firstly: cover your hands with white vinegar, the vinegar’s chemical properties will break the gasoline’s chemical bonds and force the smell to dissipate. The white vinegar you use isn’t important just as long as you use a generous enough amount on your hands covering both your fingers and palms.

Secondly: remember that white vinegar has a high acidic level so only rub it into your skin for 30 to 45 seconds. It will most likely sting if it comes into contact with any skin abrasions. Quickly rub your palms and fingers together, interlacing your fingers to ensure that you cover all your hands with the white vinegar.

Lastly: once you have rubbed your hands thoroughly with the white vinegar, you can rinse them off under the faucet. You should probably use a mixture of water and soap and continue to wash until you can no longer smell the vinegar or the gasoline and then thoroughly dry your hands with a towel.

#5 Use hand sanitizer or strong alcohol

Firstly: pure some alcohol or sanitizer on your hands rub it for some time. Rinse your hands with water and repeat the process.

Secondly: alcohol will destroy the chemical bonds of gasoline but will evaporate quickly. Therefore, this operation must be repeated several times.

Lastly: wash your hands with soap and warm water. And also we recommend using some hand moisturizers as alcohol dries the skin very much. This will prevent dry skin and possible damage to it.

How to get gas off your hands?

#6 Use natural Hand Cleaner for Auto Mechanics

Firstly: it is very easy to use and you do not need to think where can you get vanilla extract or do not need to touch any things with your smelly hands.

Secondly: modern cleaning products are excellent at reducing any dirt and at the same time, they consist of natural ingredients.

Lastly: it is cheap and the fastest method.

How to Get Gas Off Your Hands – Final Words

The six solutions offered above will help you safely answer the question, How to get gas off your hands? Safely removing both the gasoline and any residual orders from your hands.

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