How to Apply Thompson’s Water Seal With Sprayer – Step-by-Step

by James Antony | Last Updated: 29th June 2020

Thompson’s water seal has a comprehensive line of stains and deck sealers. The use of sealers and paints will offer proper deck protection from either moisture or sunlight. The techniques of applying a stain or a sealer are not too technical, but yet, it can pose some challenges.

For you to comprehend how to apply Thompson’s water seal with sprayer, you will need some guidance. Generally, you should apply a stain or a sealer between one to three years for an excellent performance.

The application is dependent on the type of the product used. Other factors, such as direct sunlight and poor weather patterns, may also determine the seal or satin application. Usually, Thompson’s water seal requires a one-time use on the deck. You should ensure that the layer is clean and dry for a perfect application.

The sealer or stain application process may call for proper attention from the use. Do you want to know how to apply Thompson’s water seal with sprayer? This article looks into the insights of Thompson’s seal. You will learn how to use a sprayer for Thompson’s Water Seal, whether you can satin your deck with a pump sprayer, how long the Thompson water seal can last and the possible effect of water or rain on the sealer or pain.

Follow through to properly understand how to apply Thompson’s water seal with sprayer.

How to Apply Thompson's Water Seal With Sprayer

Choosing a Sealer

If you want to finish your deck, your choice for the sealer or stain is equally essential. The primary mandate of a stain or sealer is to offer reliable protection for your deck. You have to take care of your deck against moisture and too much exposure to sunlight.

Sealers and stains have essential pigments that will give you deck the ultimate protection; the pigments will also prevent s coloring of woods or the deck. In the current market, you will find three categories of sealers or stains. They include:

You should know when to apply the three categories. Of all the classes, the solid stain is thicker and offers more protection to the wood. The clear sealer almost takes the color of the wood and may not be noticed if you are not very keen, but it may offer very minimal protection against the direct sunlight.

Semi-transparent, on the other hand, may alter the appearance of the wood or deck. Depending on the category you chose, you should know that your choice will determine the frequency of application.

The lighter the sealer, the more you will often apply the sealer.

When to Seal Your Deck

It would help if you used rules to guide you on how to apply Thompson’s water seal with a sprayer below:

Illustration on how to apply Thompson’s water seal with sprayer

You can choose the kind of technique that will suit you for the sealer or paint application. You can decide to use a pump sprayer, a garden sprayer with a hose or you can use a soft brush paint to apply the seal or paint.

Generally, there are essential tools needed for the application of a sealer or pint. Below are the standard tools or equipment you will require to perform this task.

A broom, a garden hose with a spray nozzle, a tarp, a garden sprayer, a synthetic-bristle scrub, a brush, a hammer and nail set or a drill, a utility knife, sandpaper, a painting pad or a paint roller and tray, an extension pole, a paintbrush, rags, a deck cleaner and finally a Thompson’s water seal deck sealer or stain.

How to Apply Thompson's Water Seal With Sprayer

Basic Instructions

  1. Prepare your working Area

    Prepare well the environment where you want to work. Ensure that the stain or sealer will not drip or spill over to the unwanted surfaces.

  2. Deck cleaning preparation

    Ensure you remove all the dirt on the deck. Mix the Thompson’s water seal deck cleaner; you can use the manufacturer’s directives. Then finally pour the mixture into the sprayer.

  3. Clean the Deck Rails

    You can start by spraying the railing of the deck. For proper cleaning, go bit by bit. Clean all the surface of the wood and rinse out the cleaner after fifteen minutes. Then scrub the cleaned areas with the synthetic brush to ensure that dirt and any discoloration clear off. Lastly, spray the polished surface with clean water. You can use a garden hose and the sprayer.

  4. Then Clean the Deck Boards

    Using a similar procedure above, clean the deck boards backwards so that you don’t step into the cleaned area. You should leave your deck for about two days to dry up properly. Remove all the areas you covered, if you covered plants or windows, you should uncover them.

  5. Check for Loose Fasteners

    After four days, you can check if the deck has some loose nails or screws. Use the hummer or drill to drive the free metals into place. With the scraper or the utility knife, remove all other fragments that may pose a risk. Then clear all the scrapped dust and let the deck continue drying up.

  6. Seal or Stain the Railings

    Ensure that you read and understand the manufacture’s guide on the sealer or paint before you start the application. Use the sprayer to apply the sealer or the paint on the railings evenly. You can use a paintbrush for corners if you are not able to apply the sealer equally with the spray. You can use the rags to clean the excess paints and then continue to spread the sealer or paint evenly.

  7. Finally, Seal or Stain the Deck Boards

    To effectively seal or stain the decks’ boards, you can use the same methods used in sealing the railing. Your focus should be on the final finish. Ensure that you spray your deck boards evenly. Remove any excess sealer or pain with a piece of rag. Then let the deck boards dry.

How to Apply Thompson’s Water Seal With Sprayer – Conclusion

To effectively know how to apply Thompson’s water seal with sprayer, get more information from the sealers or pain manufactures. You will get more experience when you decide to practice this process. Also note that some deck cleaner, paints or sealers are combustible. It would be best if you disposed of the remnants correctly using the manual from the manufacture. Usually, a one-time application the sealer or paint should be enough, but if you have to apply another coat, you should wait for at least five hours for the first coat to dry up.

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