Fluke 902 Review: Great Choice to Measure Current and Voltage Safely

by James Antony | Last Updated: 5th October 2020

The Fluke 902 FC is a True RMS clamp meter that can measure voltage and current. Unlike the Fluke 325, the 902 FC is more equipped with special features. One of these features is the compatibility with the Fluke Connect system of wireless tools.

The 902 FC is quite an exceptional system that will provide you with unparalleled flexibility when it comes to work and makes haring and saving measurements easier and faster. It is a no-mess clamp meter-cum-multimeter that offers you the services of both appliances.

It performs well in tight spaces and can easily measure voltage and current. To know more about the device, you can read it in this Fluke 902 Review below.

Fluke 902 FC HVAC True-RMS Clamp Meter

Fluke 902 FC HVAC True-RMS Clamp Meter Review

Fluke 902 Clamp Meter


Features of Fluke 902 FC

The 902 FC can be used alongside the company’s line of wirelessly connected tools. You can also log and trend measurements to look for intermittent faults, and then transmit the result to the official mobile app.

This allows you to send reports while on the field and measure efficiently without having to be within the vicinity.

The 902 FC has been designed primarily for HVAC technicians and fitted with features for these applications. Some include:

Fluke 902 Clamp Meter Review


The Fluke 902 FC is capable of measuring current up to 600 A AC and voltage up to 600 V AC/DC. You can also measure capacitance (up to 1000 μF) and resistance (up to 60 kΩ). The Fluke 902 FC can also measure DC microampere up to 200 μA.

As for temperatures, the 902 FC can measure between the ranges of -10-degrees to 400-degrees. The device is also fitted with a minimum/maximum recording function.


The Fluke 902 FC is built with a tough case and a slime jaw mechanism that is robust and durable. Thanks to its narrow body, you can easily use the device in tight corners like cable ducts and trunking.

Additionally, changing the batteries is a breeze. However, as compared to other clamp meters, it is not as durable as it may seem.

Fluke 902 Clamp Meter Review

Safety and warranty

The Fluke 902 FC features the IP30 rating against dust ingress and water. It also has a 3-year warranty period. The device has also been safety rated to CAT IV 600 V and CAT III 1000 V.

  • The device is priced very reasonably
  • Can be enabled on your smartphone device
  • Provides accurate readings
  • Packed with a 3-year warranty period
  • A great option only for HVAC systems
  • A bit delicate for a clamp meter

Best HVAC Clamp Meter Review

Fluke 902 Review – FC HVAC Clamp Meter – Buying guide

Some factors that you need to remember while looking for the best clamp meter are:


One of the most important aspects you need to consider while looking for the best clamp meter is the amount of safety it can provide. This can easily be determined by the build quality and material of the device.

A safe clamp meter needs to have higher resistance and current ratings and overall voltage. Additionally, the devices need to have all the regulatory certifications.

Maximum resistance limit

The resistance of a clamp meter is measured in Ohms and will give you how much flow of current the device can stop. You will get a rough idea of how difficult it is for the current to flow through the conductor.

Mostly, clamp meters have a maximum limit to the resistance of at least 4 kΩ. However, there are also some models that can have a resistance limit of 10 kΩ. If you regularly deal with heavy conduction machinery and tools, it is recommended that you opt for a clamp meter with a resistance limit of 20 kΩ.

Clamp size

The clamp size refers to the opening ends of a machine. These openings are holders that are used to hold on to the conductor. The opening size ranges from 18-mm to 45-mm. Clamps are available in a wide range of sizes.

The clamp meter’s clamp size should be able to contract or expand so that the conductor can fit with ease. Additionally, they also need to be hands-free so that you do not have to touch the conductor physically.

Clamp Meter Review

Crest factor

The crest factor of a clamp meter means the measurement of the current in the waveform. To find this value, you need to measure the peak value of the current against the RMS value (Root Mean Square), This is an important consideration since it will help you understand the circuit overloads.

Backlit screen

Most electrical jobs tend to take place in poorly-lit and dark areas. Hence, reading the screen might become difficult. The clamp meter you choose needs to have a screen with a backlight that will allow you to read the measurements much easier.


Clamp meters are expensive tools; hence it is important that you choose one that comes with a warranty period. While you may find cheaper devices in the market, they do not have warranties and have the highest possibility of breaking down.

Opt for a clamp meter that offers at least a 1-year warranty period. Some brands even provide a warranty period of up to 3-years.

Compatibility to smartphone

In today’s times, clamp meters are compatible with your smartphone devices via IR communication or Bluetooth. This will allow you to work without having to be physically near the meter to check the measurements.

Apart from being extremely safe, this method is also quite efficient as you can toggle and tune the meter from your smartphone itself. The device also includes email correspondence, real-time report sharing, and cloud storage.

Fluke 902 Manual

You can download manual here.

Fluke 902 Review – Final Thoughts

From the above, it is understandable that the Fluke 902 FC is a great clamp meter. It has been priced very reasonably and capable of getting more work done. It is fitted with all the functions and features that make it a useful tool for repairing HVAC systems. It is also quite a heavy-duty clamp meter that can be used on your smartphone for added convenience.

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