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by James Antony | Last Updated: 29th May 2019

A nibbler drill attachment is one of the best power tools used for sheet metal cutting. When compared to hand tools, it is faster and produces minimal fatigue. I find it very useful for cutting tiny cutouts or channels. For individuals into creative metal works and sculptors working on metal, it is definitely a valuable tool.

If you are looking to buy the best nibbler drill attachment that cuts precisely, leaves behind a minimal mess, and is not too expensive, the list I have compiled below is sure to help you. The product reviews will give you a good idea about the best nibbler drill attachments available on the market with all their features, pros, and cons.

Prema Nibbler Cutter Drill AttachmentSheet Metal Nibbler Drill Attachment

Best Nibbler Drill Attachment - Prema Nibbler Cutter Drill Attachment Review

Prema Nibbler Cutter Drill Attachment


If you are a homeowner who wants a no fuss, safe and fast metal cutting tool, the double head nibbler cutter from Prema might be the right choice.
The tool is capable of precise cutting capacity on hard metal surfaces as well as soft materials like a card, paper, leather, and denim.

Design and Materials

The nibbler die and punch are sturdy and have precision cutting edges to help in making accurate cuts regardless of the type of material used.

And the double-headed cutting head that is capable of working 360 degrees allows you to make cuts in all directions. Following the contours of the metal, plastic, fiberglass or softer materials becomes easy with the excellent drill attachment design.


Just like other nibbler drill attachments in my list, this is also a versatile tool. You can do straight and curved cuts what effortlessly make your DIY jobs easier and quicker.

Make sure you use a drill that has an rpm range of 1500 to 3000.

Budget Benefits

When the price is low, you don’t always expect quality. But this nibbler drill attachment form Prema is an exception. It provides quick and efficient cutting capability and is not much of a hassle to handle.

The 30-day money back guarantee and a two-year warranty on home use are proof of how durable and functional the nibbler cutter is.

  • It cuts almost all types of metal sheets and soft materials like leather, paper, denim, etc.
  • Is a good alternative for shears, grinder, and jigsaw for specific DIY jobs
  • Does not require filing after cutting as the cut edges are smooth
  • Suitable for medium to light level cutting jobs
  • It is better than pneumatic or air-powered nibblers
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty metal cutting jobs
  • Does not work well on roofing sheet metals especially rib paneled roofing
  • Is difficult to use

Final Impression – Sheet Metal Nibbler Drill Attachment

I’d recommend this nibbler drill attachment for maintenance jobs in and around the house such as cutting of roof metal sheets, vent pipes in HVAC and other similar conditions but not for professional or heavy duty cutting.

The 360-degree cutting angle, variety of cutting shapes, and precise cutting without material distortion are great advantages that provide good value for the price range it falls under.

The storage box made of iron helps in keeping all parts safely without worries about losing them.

REXBETI Double Head Sheet Nibbler Metal CutterBest Sheet Metal Nibbler Drill Attachment

Best Nibbler Drill Attachment - REXBETI Double Head Sheet Nibbler Metal Cutter Review

REXBETI Double Head Sheet Nibbler Metal Cutter


If you are in search of right nibbler cutter attachments that cut material of 14 gauge, the Rexbeti nibbler metal cutter is an ideal option to consider. The nibbler works more efficiently than your usual snips and shears.

Design and Materials

Rexbeti nibbler cutter has blades made of high strength stainless steel which make short work of all types of metals, plastic, fiberglass and more. Cutting with Rexbeti nibbler cutter is easy.

You start with a drill bit of 4 to 12 mm that helps to make a hole from which the nibbler can begin cutting a circle with accuracy.

I found the accessories are convenient in cutting perfect circles of up to a maximum diameter of 112/5 inches.


When it comes to drilling holes or cutting metal sheets, the more power you wield, the better will be the result. I found the Rexbeti Nibbler cutter very powerful with its high-quality cutting blades and its capability of cutting material of 14 gauge easily.

Further, the design enables precise cutting without any uneven edges. As it works well only on drills that have rpm between 1500 to 3000 rpm, it is very potent.

Budget Benefits

The price of Rexbeti Nibbler cutter drill attachment is a bit on the higher side when compared to the other models in my list, except Dicfeos Nibbler.

But Rexbeti is a well-known brand reputed for its top quality tools. I believe that the brand value and features along with lifetime warranty on the product more than compensate for the higher price range.

  • Ideal for people who prefer doing workshop stuff
  • It cuts all types of metals nicely
  • You do not need to exert too much of force and cuts metal as if you are cutting paper
  • Cuts very accurately
  • The box provided with thick foam padding inside is perfect for keeping the parts secure when not in use
  • It is not the fastest method for cutting thin metal
  • Does not work well on metal roofing
  • Cuts faster only when you use a corded drill

Final Impression – Double Head Sheet Nibbler Metal Cutter

In spite of the price being slightly more than the LTMS, MulWark and Prema models, Rexbeti manages to make a good impression because of the high-quality blades, punch, and die components.

I’d recommend it mostly for doing workshop jobs which need accuracy without having to use much force.

MulWark 14-Gauge Double-Headed Sheet Metal Nibbler CutterBest Double Head Sheet Nibbler Metal Cutter

Best Nibbler Drill Attachment - MulWark 14-Gauge Double-Headed Sheet Metal Nibbler Cutter REX003 Review

MulWark 14-Gauge Double-Headed Sheet Metal Nibbler Cutter


If you are looking at an excellent alternative to metal shear or air nibbler, the MulWark 14 gauge double head nibbler cutter might be a choice to consider. The nibbler cutter can work on materials of 14 gauge/2mm thickness, creating accurate cuts without any burrs. The cutter tool also has several other advantages.

Design and Materials

The nibbler cutter from MulWark is a highly durable cutter attachment made from hardened rust-resistant steel. It is sturdily constructed so does not vibrate when you cut into the thick or strong metal.

The cutter is provided with a storage case made of heavy metal to keep it safe when it is not in use. It is also pretty handy to carry wherever you need. And, best of all you can keep the bits and pieces in an orderly way.


The MulWark drill promises excellent cutting performance with its 360-degree index adjustability. The cutting die is designed to perform curved or straight cuts as needed.

I find the guide for cutting very useful when cutting a circle or straight line.

You can use it with a pneumatic or electric drill that has speed capacity of 1500 rpm to 3000rpm.

Budget Benefits

When compared to the other competitor, nibbler cutter attachments, MulWark nibbler is cheaper. Furthermore, the product has a limited lifetime warranty, thus ensuring you receive a well-constructed and reliable product. The company replaces deficient products provided you have not altered, repaired, abused, or improperly used the drill attachment.

  • The nibbler drill works accurately saving plenty of time
  • The knob with maximum downward pressure application is very useful to cut without damaging your hand
  • It is a good alternative for the craft hammer or mallet for making starter holes or dimples on hinges
  • Only slight pressure is needed to punch a hole making it a one-handed operation
  • Good value for money
  • Threads were tiny, making it difficult to screw them in the drill
  • The metal pieces need to be cleared out as the punching is done and is tedious work
  • The spring sometimes gets stuck and does not punch properly

Final Impression – Sheet Metal Nibbler Attachment

The extension double headed nibbler drill is an easy to control, affordable and highly compatible attachment to own.

With versatile cutting capacity, it is effective on sheets made of copper, brass, plastic, aluminum, iron and stainless steel and more. The rust-resistant attachment is designed to make the cutting job safe, easy, and fast.

With compatibility to a battery, air, and electric powered drill, your work is made easier. I’d recommend it as an excellent choice to consider for a DIY handyman, plumbers, roofers, farmers, car restorers, architects, and others.

Dicfeos Double Head Sheet Metal Cutter REX003Best Home DIY and Car Repair Nibbler

Best Nibbler Drill Attachment - Double Head Sheet Metal Cutter REX003 Review

Dicfeos Double Head Sheet Metal Cutter REX003


When it comes to car repair and home DIY work, I find that having the best quality cutting tool makes the repair or DIY job much more comfortable. Power tools like nibblers make short work of corrugated sheets, stainless steel, Formica, and other surfaces. The Dicfeos Double Head cutter might be the nibbler drill that meets your specific needs with its precise burr-free cut and powerful motor.

Design and Materials

Dicfeos nibbler has a professional look with its sleek design. The attachment is made of HSS cutting blades that are suitable for cutting materials like copper, stainless steel, sheet metal, pipes, and more.


The cutting head, which is the most important part of the nibbler, has a 360-degree adjustable feature to work efficiently on straight and curved sheets.

You can save plenty of time while cutting corrugated roof metal sheets and sheet metal in general.

The cutting head accessory, which is round in shape, provides round and straight cuts.

Budget benefits

The price of the drill attachment is a bit high, but it still might be reasonable for you when you consider its features, performance, and ease of use.

The 5-year warranty period and 30-day refund further add advantage to the value of the attachment.

  • The double cutting heads have 360 degrees adjustability, making it easy to cut in any space
  • Cutting edges are precise without any burrs
  • Powered by hand drill so does not need a separate power source
  • Additional nibbler punch and die is handy
  • Affordable price
  • Does not make much mess while cutting big metal pieces
  • Metal melts due to high cutting power, which affects the cutting efficiency
  • Not precise for cutting corners
  • The nibbler works very slowly

Final Impression – Electric Sheet Metal Nibbler

If you have a drill of the range of 1500 to 3000 RPM, the Dicfeos drill attachment can be the right fit. You need just to insert drive shaft into the drill chuck and tighten it.

The drill bit helps you to drill the starting hole so the nibbler can work flawlessly. The round cutting accessories deliver perfect circles of a maximum diameter of 11 inches. Any material of 14 gauge thickness can be cut precisely without burr edge.

The nibbler drill attachment with its round and straight cutting features might be the best choice for home and car maintenance. Tasks such as HVAC vent pipe maintenance, cutting of metal roof, and other similar tasks are made easier with the smartly designed attachment.

LTMS 021104 Double Head Metal Sheet Nibbler Cutter Drill AttachmentBest Budget Nibbler Drill Attachment

Best Nibbler Drill Attachment - LTMS 021104 Double Head Metal Sheet Nibbler Cutter Drill Attachment Review

LTMS 021104 Double Head Metal Sheet Nibbler Cutter Drill Attachment


DIY fans are sure to appreciate this multipurpose tool that can cut effortlessly through corrugated metal, sheet metal, stainless steel, Formica, aluminum, copper, and more. The versatile tool provides several other benefits with its 5 pieces workshop set.

Design and Materials

The LTMS nibbler cutter drill attachment is creatively designed with two cutting heads making it highly durable and powerful when compared to the nibblers with a single head.

The drive shaft is designed to be compatible with any drill. You need just to insert it into the drill head as you would do with a drill bit and fasten the chuck.


The nibbler cutter is designed with progressive cutting technology and high-speed steel punch. It is easy to glide the nibbler smoothly through material that has 14 gauge or 2mm thickness maximum.

It handles hard materials like roofing gutter, stainless steel, fiberglass, etc. and soft materials like paper, card, leather or denim equally good, making it a DIY lover’s dream tool.

Budget Benefits

Price is on the low range, making it an affordable addition to your DIY tool kit. The product has a lifetime warranty, which is a definite advantage.

  • The nibbler cutter is very cheap
  • Tight radius cuts are effortless to make
  • The drill attachment is built sturdily making handling easy
  • Metal storage case for the parts is very useful
  • It is compact with spare cutter accessory
  • The cuts are tiny and cutting a large number of metal sheets, or other materials becomes tedious
  • Ideal for homeowner DIY jobs but not for professional situations like HVAC and others as it cuts metal slowly
  • Controlling the cutter is difficult, takes a few tries to become familiar with

Final Impression – Double Head Sheet Nibbler Metal Cutter Review

LTMS double head nibbler drill attachment is very sturdily built and performs flawlessly. For the price range it is available, I’d recommend buying it as it provides excellent value for the buyer.

The cuts are smooth and precise, and the nibbler cutter does not make much noise during operation. I find that it has better power when attached to a corded electric drill than a drill powered by a battery.

The 360 degrees precise cutting capacity allows accurate cutting in any direction with a particular focus on circular and straight cuts.

The cut edges are burr free and do not require too much pressure application provided you keep the rotating speed at 1500 to 3000 rpm range.

Best Nibbler Drill Attachment Review

Best Nibbler Drill Attachment – Buyer’s Guide


When to use a nibbler?

Nibbler cutters devour steel and are apt for bodywork and sheet metal cutting. The nibbler can also cut tanks made of steel or any other object that is made of materials like stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, etc.

And don’t forget about eye and face protection..

What are the different nibbler types available now?

Nibblers are of two main types, namely electric nibblers and pneumatic nibblers. The electric nibblers are powered by electric current, while a compressor drives the pneumatic or air nibblers.

What are the important factors to look for in a nibbler?

The punch, electric/pneumatic mode, and price are the three crucial factors to note in a nibbler cutter attachment.

How does a nibbler work?

The mechanism of a nibbler cutter is very tiny and simple. The nibbler cutter has a die and punch, which oscillate at high speed of over 2000 strokes in a minute devouring sheet you want to cut. A nibbler is generally used for rounded or circular cuts.

Will the nibbler cause deformation of the sheet it cuts?

One significant benefit of using a nibbler is there is no deformation in the sheet. This is why metalworkers, body workers, and other professionals who need to cut sheet metal find this a must-have addition to their tool kits.

Do I need to change the punch and dies often?

Since it cuts hard materials, the mechanical portion of a nibbler wears off quickly. This is why replacement parts and punches of different sizes are provided if the nibbler cutter you use is versatile.

What is the cutting capacity of a nibbler?

The cutting capacity of a nibbler differs based on the material it cuts and includes the following:

Safety precautions

While operating a nibbler, you should use protective gloves and glasses. To safeguard from any potential breakage, I would recommend wearing an apron made of leather.

Best Nibbler Drill Attachment – Conclusion

I hope my list of nibblers and the buying guide answers all your queries regarding the best budget nibbler in the market and their benefits.

All the nibblers reviewed above are priced from $25 to $40, making them quite affordable for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. And some of the nibblers are even apt for use by professionals like the Rexbeti nibbler and Dicfeos models.

Being versatile nibblers, they can be used for various odd jobs you need to complete in and around the house.

While there are shears and other metal cutters available, the nibblers have their own unique purpose in metal cutting, making them a must-have tool in any DIY kit.

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