Best Insulation for Water Pipes – How Not to Freeze in Winter

by James Antony | Last Updated: 17th September 2020

It is very important to insulate a water supply pipe, especially in exposed areas for a lot of different reasons. During the winter season, water supply pipes that are placed in unheated spaces or exterior walls may freeze and burst, thereby flooding your home.

Just imagine this scenario – you and your family had gone south during the winters, only to return and find a burst pipe and water all around. The cleanup and restoration process can take up to a month, even if a single water pipe bursts. Hence, it is important that you insulate the water pipes.

M-D Building Products 50164 1-Inch by 6-Feet Self-Sealing Tube Pipe InsulationBest Overall

M-D Building Products Self-Sealing Pipe Insulation - Best insulation for water pipes Review

M-D Building Products Self-Sealing Pipe Insulation


The M-D Building Products 50164 is one of the best products that you can use to insulate the piping in your home. This insulation cover blocks out heat gain and loss to save you a substantial amount of energy. For easy and faster installation, the 50164 has self-sealing and pre-cut slits.

Best insulation for water pipes Review


The M-D Building Products 50164 will effectively prevent condensation on pipes that are cold and also stop water damage. Additionally, the installation process is fast and simple. Since the insulation product can be used on both cold and hot pipes, this product is easily one of the best products to save on energy costs.

The pre-cut slits make the installation process very easy. However, for all the pros this pipe insulation offers, it is quite costly.

  • The installation process is very easy
  • The adhesive holds well and provides a perfect fit
  • The pipe insulation is quite durable and lasts for a long time
  • Can be used on both hot and cold pipes
  • Very expensive

Frost King CF42X Foil Backed “No Itch” Natural Cotton Pipe WrapBest Insulation

Frost King Foil Backed Natural Cotton Pipe Wrap - Best insulation for water pipes Review

Frost King Foil Backed Natural Cotton Pipe Wrap


The ‘no itch’ pipe wrap is another great option if you are looking for pipe insulation products. The pipe wrap is easy to work with and contains no fiberglass particles. It also insulates quite well and will maintain your water pipes, even in the most frigid temperatures. It provides the best insulating power.

Best insulation for water pipes Review


The no itch pipe wrap provides a good deal of insulation than its counterparts. It can be installed easily and quite safe – you do not need goggles, masks, or gloves for the installation process. The pipe wrap also has a fire rating of Class-A for added safety.

Due to its quality, it can be used to reduce, cushion, and insulate the vibrations on AC and heating ducts. However, the main negative aspect of this pipe wrap is that it does not last for long.

  • The pipe wrap has a Class-A fire rating
  • Capable of providing the maximum insulating power
  • The installation process is quick and easy
  • Not long-lasting

HEATIT JHSF 24-feet 120V Regulating Pre-assembled Pipe CableBest Durability

HEATIT JHSF Regulating Pre-assembled Pipe Cable - Best insulation for water pipes Review

HEATIT JHSF Regulating Pre-assembled Pipe Cable


The HEATIT JHSF pipe insulation is suitable for use on metal and rigid plastic water pipes. It is an industrial-grade heating cable that is self-regulating. This means that the cable output will be adjusted automatically, based on the ambient temperature around the cable. Hence, you do not have to worry about accidental overheating. While the product might not be as long as others, it still gets the job done!

Best insulation for water pipes Review


The product comes pre-assembled, which makes it effortless to install. It is also very safe and energy-efficient. It includes a grounded plug with light and an in-built thermostat to keep the temperature in check.

Best insulation for water pipes Review

The lowest installation temperature of this heating cable is -10-degrees and has been approved for usage on metal and plastic pipes. It is also quite durable and will last for a long time.

  • The installation process is very simple and fast
  • The product is quite durable and will last for a long time
  • Effective at keeping the plastic and metal water pipes from freezing
  • The product is rugged and economical
  • The length of the cable is very short

M-D Building Products 50142 M-D Weather Stripping Tube InsulationBest Performance

M-D Building Products Stripping Tube Insulation - Best insulation for water pipes Review

M-D Building Products Stripping Tube Insulation


Yet another pipe insulation product by M-D Building Products, the 50142 can be used on your plastic and metal water pipes to prevent freezing. Depending on the season, this pipe insulation blocks heat gain and loss, thereby allowing you to save on your energy bills. However, purchasing this product initially is costly.

Best insulation for water pipes Review


The package contains four tubes that can fit into ½-inch, PVC, ½-inch iron, and ¾-inch copper pipes. Additionally, it can also be used on cold and hot pipes. The pipe insulation does an excellent job of stopping condensation on cold pipes and prevents water damage.

The tubes are slit so that they can be installed easily as well. While it is a bit expensive, the overall product is made of good quality and will provide you with the results that you are looking for.

  • Can be used on all types of plastic and metal pipes
  • The pipe insulation process is extremely easy and quick
  • Apart from pipes, the product can also be used for various other reasons like railings, etc.
  • The company provides a fast and prompt delivery
  • The product is quite expensive

Best Insulation for Water Pipes – Buyer’s Guide

Here are some other aspects related to water pipe insulation.

Water pipe insulation tips

Insulating the water piping in your house can be done on your own, without requiring the help of a professional. If you want the results to be positive, you can make use of the tips mentioned below:

When you are selecting the insulation for your house’s water pipe, you need to have a close look at the R-value of the available options. In simple terms, the R-value is a measurement that quantifies the material’s heat flow resistance. With a higher R-value, the insulating power will be greater. Sadly, the pipe insulation might not display the R-value; hence, you might have to do some research. If you live in an extremely cold area, you need to ensure that the pipe insulation has a high R-value.
It is crucial that you clean and removes any grease or dirt from the pipes before the insulating process. It does not matter what type of insulation you use; however, it is important that you clean the pipes thoroughly to that the insulation sticks better. If you use a damp cloth for the cleaning purpose, ensure that the pipes are dried properly before you go ahead with the insulation installation. If moisture is present, it can cause the insulation to come off.
It is important that you check the pipe insulation at least once in a year to ensure that they are in good condition and that the pipes are entirely covered. Over time, self-sealing strips and duct tape tend to become loose and come off, thereby exposing parts of the pipe. If the pipes are not completely covered, you need to reseal these areas before the arrival of the winter season.

What are some benefits of pipe insulation?

Some great benefits of pipe insulation include:

Condensation control

When the ambient temperature fluctuates, pipes can often develop condensation. In turn, this leads to pooling water. With the right insulation, you can manage the condensation and minimize its occurrence.


Water pipes tend to become unsafe if the temperature becomes too hot or too cold. Proper insulation provides a protective layer around the pipe surface, which reduces heat transfer. Additionally, it also reduces the spread of flames and provides fire protection.

Sound control

Apart from preventing bursts, pipe insulation also reduces unwanted vibrations and sounds. Pipe insulation absorbs these sounds.

Best insulation for water pipes Review

Best Insulation for Water Pipes – FAQs

Here are some common FAQs related to water pipe insulation.

Can fiberglass self-sealing pipe be used to cover galvanized pipes?

Yes, fiberglass self-sealing insulation covering can be used for galvanized pipes. These types of insulation pipes are used for high-temperature situations.

What is the density of residential insulation products?

The density of insulation products that are used in residential areas mostly depends on the product’s use. For ceilings, the density of the products can range between 8- and 10kg/m3. On the other hand, insulation products for pipes in walls need to be stiff so that they do not slip; they have a density of 12kg/m3.

Can insulation reduce mold growth and condensation on ceiling pipes?

If you install the insulation properly on the pipes, it will reduce mold problems and condensations. This is because it keeps the internal temperature warm. You should also consider other factors like high humidity level, low room temperature, and ventilation in your house.

Best Insulation for Water Pipes – Final Thoughts

When you are installing pipes, you need to ensure that you do not install them in exterior walls. However, if you have no choice and install the pipes on external walls, you should make sure to insulate them. Additionally, there also should be adequate cavity insulation installed behind the pipes.

This will prevent cold air to travel towards the pipes and cause freezing issues. You must insulate all the pipes, whether they are hot or cold water supply pipes. It will save you energy and all the associated costs of a burst pipe.

By the way, we recommend to insulate also Hot Water Pipes for Energy Savings! Read more about it here.

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