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by James Antony | Last Updated: 28th May 2020

If you are living in a house infested with rodents, you will agree with me on how much nuisance those little creatures can cause. The presence of mice in the house can cause damage to your home’s property value. These types of rodents often boreholes on your walls and can be found living in the attic.

They can make disturbing noises even during the day, and they come with the risk of carrying disease infection. Therefore this calls for the best use of a mice insulator to keep out the mice from entering the house in the first place. This article reviews some of the best insulation for mice you can use to prevent the infiltration of mice into your home.

Xcluder 162758A Rodent Control Fill FabricBest Rodent Block

Best Insulation for Mice - Xcluder Rodent Control Fill Fabric Review

Xcluder Rodent Control Fill Fabric


Your best to keeping any commercial or a residential building from the destructive capabilities of rodents, especially mice, is to make use of Xclouder fabric. The Xclouder fabric has good mice insulation that is quite safe to use and comes with easy installation. Installing the Xclouder fabric requires simple cutting of the fabric fill to an exact length, then use it to fill any gaps or holes around the house.

Best Insulation for Mice - Xcluder Rodent Control Fill Fabric Review

The material appears like a mesh, and it is incredibly durable due to its material construction. The material construction of the Xclouder fabric includes stainless steel wool and poly fibers, which prevents it from tarnishing in any climatic condition. The Xclouder mesh expands to fit securely, making it suitable for sealing holes of large diameter.

It was created in such a way as to form a non-destructive barrier against mice entering your house. You can use the Xclouder on brick walls, plumbing pipes, windows, air conditioning vents, and other areas with the potential of being penetrated by mice. The use of Xclouder is quite effective in place of using corrosive or harmful chemicals in keeping mice away.

  • It is easy to install
  • Xclouder comes with utmost durability making it long-lasting
  • Suitable for killing significant gaps in the home
  • Well certified by pest professionals
  • It does not kill mice; rather, it prevents infiltration into the home


For a permanent solution to prevent mice infestation, Xclouder Rodent control serves to give the best since it won’t rust or decay for long periods. Being tested and proven by pest control professionals also provides the needed assurance to tag it as a good mice insulator.

Stuff-fit Copper Mesh for Rodent ControlBest Copper Mesh Mice

Best Copper Mesh Mice - Stuff-fit Copper Mesh for Rodent Control Review

Stuff-fit Copper Mesh


Like the Xclouder, the stuff-fit comes appears in a mesh-like form; however, instead of the usual stainless steel of the former, stuff fit is made entirely from copper-like material. The stuff-fit copper is indeed an excellent mesh rodent control material for keeping rodents (like mice) in control. This owes to the fact that such rodents find it difficult to grit or chew through copper-like materials. Being of a copper material makes the stuff-fit stain and rust-free.

The stuff-fit insulation material itself is made in rolls, which is doubly-folded and comes with a size 20ft long and 6-inches wide. Using this mice insulation requires you to stuff it in holes or cervices around pipes or brick walls in your home or office buildings.

  • It is both stain and rust-proof
  • Extremely light
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Can’t be used on holes with diameter more than 2-inches


The fact that stuff-fit is made up of copper material, and it is a double layer makes it an effective mice insulator better than other regular ones. It comes with features making it easy to install and comes with long-lasting quality.

Great Stuff 11073754 Pro Pestblock Insulating Foam SealantBest Pestblock Sealant

Best Pestblock Sealant - Great Stuff Pestblock Insulating Foam Sealant Review

Great Stuff Pestblock Insulating Foam Sealant


The Great stuff Pro Pestblock Insulating Foam Sealant was not curated to be mainly a mice insulation, rather than for small construction fixes. However, this heavy-duty Adhesive can function in regards to keeping mice from entering your home. Great stuff is a single component, a moisturized adhesive that dries faster when sprayed directly on any surface you wish to seal. By the way it doesn’t contain pesticides, so it is 100% safe for bees.

Best Pestblock Sealant - Great Stuff Pestblock Insulating Foam Sealant Review

It is housed in a stainless steel container, which helps to preserve its quality and prevents it from drying. Making use of this special mice insulation requires a quality dispenser. Depends on product you choose, it can come with a foam dispensing gun for precise application of the great stuff Adhesive. This Adhesive is applied to sealing drywalls, panels, sub-floors, and a significant number of surfaces.

  • It can be applied both internally and externally
  • It adheres to any surface condition, whether damp or dry
  • Great stuff can be used to make a precise application, even in tight spaces
  • It requires a dispensing gun for precise application


This is the best insulation you can ever use to block spaces or holes in hard to reach places. What’s more is that this product is reusable, hence reducing waste.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Insulation for Mice

Material Type
This is a vital aspect to consider when buying mice insulation. For example, mice insulation like the stainless steel mesh and copper mesh are difficult to cut into by a typical mouse. The material type also determines the durability and extent to which the mice insulation can last.

Mode of Application
In what form does the mice insulation exist. Does it come in a mesh-like form that needs to be dipped into a hole, or does it require you to spray? This review itemizes products with these forms of application. The use of a spray foam adhesive like the Great stuff pro construction Adhesive could prove of intense benefit if you want to seal hard to reach places. Knowing the mode of the application allows you to choose which of the mice insulation is most suited for use.

Another essential aspect to consider as related to buying suitable insulation for mice is to check whether it is regulated by well-known bodies. This includes the likes of pest control agencies. A mice insulator that is well regulated and certified by such essential authorities provides the needed assurance of how effective such mice insulators will be.

Best Insulation for Mice – FAQ

How do you keep mice out of insulation?

Preventing mice from entering your home is the best way to keep them out of your home insulation. Doing this requires you to block every possible entry point and take away anything that could attract them to your home. You can attempt to do the following:

  • Check every corner of your house for likely cracks or holes, even the one that is 1/4 –inch diameter
  • You can opt to repair the holes or spaces if they are significant. For small holes, you can make use of pest insulators like foam or fabric mesh to seal-off
  • Always keep your doors closed and take away any food items or clothing, especially from the attic, which could attract mice
  • You can make use of traps in environmentally friendly areas

Is there mouse-proof insulation?

There is no true proof insulation for a mouse as it does not get rid of it. All it does is to block every available space through which such rodents can penetrate. Many companies that manufacture mice insulation use the term mouse proof insulation as a means of advertising their products. However, in the long term, mice will always find their way to infiltrate your home.

Why is the attic of a house most prone to mice infestation?

One thing with mice is that they find comfort in staying somewhere safe with minimal disturbance. And in many home attics, there is hardly any form of movement, making it more suitable for habitation. Also, mice often like a warm environment in place of outside cold weather, and the attic provides a warm, friendly atmosphere. Therefore, if you hear noise on your rooftop, there is probably a mice on the attic.

Best Insulation for Mice – Conclusion

Preventing your home from mice infestation requires that you seal every available hole or cervices by which such rodents can gain access. This needs either fixing those wall holes permanently or using mice insulation to seal, no matter the diameter. A typical mouse requires only ¼ inch diameter to enter your home. Therefore you should consider any of the best quality mice insulation reviewed in this article.

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