Best Glue for Felt – Buyer’s Guide

by James Antony | Last Updated: 19th January 2020

Those who are into arts and crafts consider it more than just a hobby, which is quite evident in the time and energy they spend on it. To that end, they are always trying to ensure that they have the right tools for their job. One of them invariably is glue.

Through crafts of all types at one point or another, have to have glue at their disposal, this is more so for those working on felt projects.

If you’re searching for the best glue for felt projects, then this is the article for you. Here we review the best products that you can find for your DIY. Our experts have spent a lot of time in researching the best glue for felt and have understood what makes an adhesive ideal for felt projects.

In addition to the review, we also answer the most commonly asked questions regarding the products and their application in felt projects. We urge you to go through them in full to get all your queries answered. So, without further ado, let’s get to the review.

CCbetter Hot Glue GunBest Design

CCbetter Hot Glue Gun High Temperature Fire-Resistant Melting Review - Buyer’s Guide

CCbetter Hot Glue Gun


This product by CCbetter is the most effective premium adhesive that you will find in the market. Artists who already have a 0.39” glue stick can easily use this hot glue gun to take care of their projects with complete ease.


The mold of the gun makes it look quite stylish. There won’t be any danger of the hand slipping from the handle thanks to its slip-proof grip. The nozzle and the trigger provide complete control over the application of the adhesive.

It is made of non-toxic, fire-resistant materials, which makes it completely safe to work with. The addition of a safety switch ensures that you never are put in the line of fire, even accidentally.

CCbetter Hot Glue Gun High Temperature Fire-Resistant Melting Review

Application and Performance

This glue gun can be used for felt projects, home projects, artwork, and come in handy, even in industrial tasks. It heats up in 3-5 minutes, which produces a strong adhesive that helps in finishing the task quickly.


While using, it is strongly advised that you do not pull the glue stick out while it is being heated. Furthermore, refrain from touching the nozzle while the glue is operational. For its unique design and super-strong adhesive and multi-purpose application, this glue gun is the most recommended product on our list.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Non-toxic and fire-resistant
  • Strong adhesive
  • Multi-purpose application
  • Is a little on the expensive side

Beacon Adhesives Felt GlueAll-round Performance

Beacon Adhesives Felt Glue Review - Buyer’s Guide

Beacon Adhesives Felt Glue


Beacon adhesives are well known to manufacture products that are ideally suited for artists of all age groups and types. They pride themselves in being the go-to company for most budding artists.


The adhesive is ideal for all felt projects and can be used on a variety of other surfaces as well, such as glitter, trims, and stems. You can use it on pillows, flags, gifts, toys, and even for home décor.

Beacon Adhesives Felt Glue Review


If you are someone who constantly frets over the aesthetics of your project, then you will be delighted to know that this adhesive doesn’t soak through. It is quite thick and doesn’t run off quickly, making it perfect for use by children as well.

Additionally, it is non-toxic in nature and contains no malodor. It completely dries within three hours and requires only water for clean-up.


Though it provides a thick bond, you may have to use a lot of it to ensure it sticks well. Also, a few users have pointed out that the glue tends to leak accidentally out of its edges.

Other than these minor issues, this felt glue comes well recommended by artists of all age groups, which can be used for a variety of purposes.

  • Non-toxic
  • Doesn’t have any malodor
  • Dries entirely within 3 hours
  • The adhesive is quite thick
  • Can be easily cleaned with water
  • A lot of glue may be required to bond felt

I Love to Create Aleene’s Always Ready Turbo “Tacky” GlueSmooth Flow

I Love to Create Aleene’s Always Ready Turbo “Tacky” Glue Review - Buyer’s Guide

Aleene’s Turbo “Tacky” Glue


Aleene has become a household name thanks to its quality products available at a reasonable price. They also are known to bring a touch of gloss to the surface that can enhance the aesthetics of your project.


This “tacky” glue stick can be used on felt, paper, and most other craft surfaces. Those who are always in need of a smooth and quick flow of glue can benefit a lot from the innovative cap of the glue, which allows you to keep it inverted at all times. It is also entirely safe for use thanks to its non-toxic, no odor formula.

I Love to Create Aleene’s Always Ready Turbo “Tacky” Glue Review


The glue has a tough bond that dries up 50 times faster than other adhesives. The bond remains clear and flexible and does not show through. The tip also provides better control over the flow of the glue, which is directly reflected in your work.

If you are in the market for a glue that gets you a constant flow every time and dries faster, then it is hard to beat this product.

  • Smooth flow
  • Innovative cap
  • Non-toxic, no odor
  • Dries 50 times faster
  • Doesn’t work with all surfaces

Elmer’s E461 Craft Bond Tacky GlueIdeal for young artists

Elmer’s E461 Craft Bond Tacky Glue Review - Buyer’s Guide

Elmer’s Craft Bond Tacky Glue


This tacky glue by Elmer’s is the most child-friendly that you will ever come across and is ideal for sticking felt to felt and for other crafting purposes.


Elmer’s tacky glue can be used for a variety of purposes, such as hand-made gifts, DIY projects, home décor, holiday decorations, and the like. It is a minimalist glue that gets the job done for most artists that have made arts and crafts their hobby.


The adhesive is quite strong and doesn’t require multiple coatings. The bond remains flexible, and the glue doesn’t show through. Its no-run formula ensures that it remains thicker than white glue and doesn’t make a mess.


As is the case with most tacky glues, it does take a longer time to dry. Other than that, this is easily one of the most readily used glue products in the market, and Elmer’s popularity is a testament to that.

  • Multi-purpose glue
  • Bond is durable yet flexible
  • The no-run formula makes it a thicker glue
  • It doesn’t require multiple coatings
  • Takes longer to dry

Aleene’s Felt and Foam Tacky Glue, Original VersionPerfect for Embellishments

Aleene’s Felt and Foam Tacky Glue, Original Version Review - Buyer’s Guide

Aleene’s Felt and Foam Tacky Glue


Last but not least, we have another product by Aleene’s. Here too, it brings a high-quality glue that has been well utilized by artists of different generations.


Though it is marketed chiefly as a glue that works best on felt and foam, it works well on many other surfaces as well. Those who are looking to add a variety of ornaments or embellishments to felt and foam will benefit particularly from this product.


The adhesive has a relatively thicker formula, which prevents it from running and making a mess. The bond remains strong and flexible and doesn’t mar the look of your project by showing through. It grabs the surface instantly and dries to provide a strong bond.


The only issue with this product is that as tacky glue, it takes a longer time to dry. Despite this, it is easily one of the most used products in the world of arts and crafts.

  • Provides a strong bond on foam and felt
  • Has a thick formula that keeps the glue from running
  • Flexible bond
  • Grabs the surface quickly
  • Takes longer to dry

Best Glue for Felt – Buyer’s Guide/FAQs

What glue works best on fabric?

The glue that is designed especially for fabric works best on it and is aptly called Fabric Glue. It is also highly recommended by those who work with felt since whatever works on fabric works on felt just as well, and vice-versa.
Our top choice is:
1. CCbetter Hot Glue Gun
2. Elmer’s E461 Craft Bond Tacky Glue
3. I Love To Create Aleene’s Turbo “Tacky” Glue

Do glue dots work on felt?

Yes, glue dots work fairly well on felt since the adhesive is strong enough to hold felt together, and the process keeps things from getting messy.

How long does it take tacky glue to dry?

Compared to other glue, tacky glue takes quite a long time to dry. Though there are some variations depending on the brand, it usually takes up to 60 minutes to dry completely.

How do you glue felt to foam?

It is recommended that a felt and foam glue is used for this purpose, and not a glue gun as the latter can melt the felt material. Furthermore, an interfacing material can be used to separate and protect the felt from the glue on the inside of the fabric.

What kind of glue works on felt?

There are many glue types that work on felt. These include tacky glue, hot glue, permanent glue, and fabric glue. The adhesive that must be avoided is ordinary white glue since it is quite runny and makes it difficult to stick.

Is Gorilla Glue good for fabric?

If you are a fan of Gorilla’s glues, than you can use their super gel glue. It works good not only with felt, but with other textiles as well.

Best Glue for Felt – Final Word

Does not matter which project do you have, is it something to do with kids or you want to glue some felt to a drawers in your chest. For all this tasks you can use glues from our Best Glue for Felt Review. My favorite is CCbetter Hot Glue Gun. But this choice is always up to you! Take care and have fun!

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