Best Finish for Exterior Fiberglass Door – The Glossy Look Can Be Restored

by James Antony | Last Updated: 3rd February 2020

Fiberglass doors are ideal for entryways as they are low maintenance doors besides having the combined sturdiness of steel and wood doors. However, despite their durability, they do fade, stain, or retain scratches losing their original sheen.

With the proper finish, the glossy look can be restored, and they take on a natural wood finish appearance. Here I have listed five best finish for exterior fiberglass doors and a buying guide. Read on to know about the products in detail.

PPG ProLuxe Door and Window Wood FinishBest Hassle-Free Door Finish

PPG ProLuxe Door & Window Wood Finish Clear Satin Review - Best Finish for Exterior Fiberglass Door

PPG ProLuxe Door & Window Wood Finish


If you are looking for a hassle-free stain that is easy on your budget and effective, the PPG ProLuxe wood finish for doors and windows is a product to consider. The clear finish comes with several advantageous features.

Design And Materials

PPG Pro Luxe wood finish is made of Alkyd high solids that give the stain better resilience than varnishes or polyurethane finishes.

The wood finish also has potent UV absorbing ingredients that help protect your exterior doors and windows from the UV rays.

The color remains unchanged because of this effect.


The formulation is designed to give maximum protection to your exterior door. In contrast to other finishing stains like varnishes, the Cekon PPG Pro Luxe provides a strong barrier against weather elements. The ingredients provide good micro-porosity, as well as flexibility.

What is it ideal for?

Due to its highly potent formulation made primarily of Alkyd high solids, the finish is ideal for use in fiberglass doors and in garage doors, windows, and doors.

  • Smooth and easy to apply without any worries about air bubbles forming
  • Easy and simple to use on exterior doors, wooden walls, log benches and more
  • Takes time to dry especially during the winter season
  • The application should be made with care to avoid spilling

KILZ Premium High-Hide Stain Blocking Interior/Exterior Latex Primer/SealerBest All Round Fiberglass Door Finish

KILZ Premium High-Hide Stain Blocking Interior/Exterior Latex Primer/Sealer Review - Best Finish for Exterior Fiberglass Door

KILZ Premium High-Hide Stain Blocking Latex Primer


If you are in search of a sealer, primer and stain blocker, the Kilz Premium interior and exterior finish is a good choice. The primer/sealer has several beneficial features that make it ideal for DIY and for professionals too.

Design And Ingredients

Kilz fiberglass finish is made of a formulation that contains low VOC and minimal odor.

The formulation also makes it easy and safe to use the product at workspace or home as you can clean any spills or excess with soapy water. It has mildewcide ingredients to protect from mildew and mold buildup.

Best Finish for Exterior Fiberglass Door


The water-based primer, sealer and stain blocker gives better results, if you use it prior to repainting. The product also has the capacity to cover medium to light stains.

The product is capable of delivering a level and smooth finish by taking care of the minor imperfections and porous surfaces.

What is it ideal for?

Besides fiberglass exteriors and interior surfaces, the product can be used on exterior and interior drywall woodwork, masonry, brick, paneling, and plaster.

The finish is mildew resistant, so it can be used effectively in areas that have high humidity like laundry or bathrooms. The coat dries in one hour, after which you can apply the coat again if needed.

  • It is good for doors and windows that have window stains, porosity differences, surface textures, minor stains, and change in color
  • Price is cheap
  • Dried quickly within 2 hours
  • Hides stains in two to three coats
  • Can be applied on the surface just like paint
  • Does not work well on stains in bold colors
  • Needs more than two layers for any color other than cream or white
  • The product is very thick in consistency hence messy to work with

Fiberglass Coatings Whisper Gray Boat Paint, Brushable Exterior Gel Coat KitBest UV Resistant Door Finish

Fiberglass Coatings WHISPER GRAY EXTERIOR GEL COAT KIT Brushable PROFESSIONAL Review - Best Finish for Exterior Fiberglass Door

Fiberglass Coatings Whisper Gray Exterior Gel Coat Kit


If protection from sunlight is your main concern, Whisper Gray boat paint for an exterior coat is the right choice. The product has several other excellent features besides being UV resistant.

Design And Materials

The Whisper Gray exterior gelcoat paint kit from Fiberglass Coatings is made of UV resistant formulation with MEKP as a catalyst. The FGCI product is ideal for several marine applications besides fiberglass doors.


The high-quality ingredients in Whisper Gray provide flexural strength and resistance from cracks, tear, and chemicals. It is also resistant to osmosis and water, making it a good option for use in marine projects.

What is it ideal for?

The exterior gelcoat is used to add a top coat of protective UV layer in boats, in gelcoat restoration, and for refinishing your automobile, work, or boat project.

  • Good quality coat with longer durability
  • Resistant to tear, chemicals and cracks
  • Product is costly

KILZ Adhesion High-Bonding Interior Latex Primer/SealerBest Performance Fiberglass Door Finish

KILZ Adhesion High-Bonding Interior Latex Primer Sealer Review - Best Finish for Exterior Fiberglass Door

KILZ Adhesion High-Bonding Interior Latex Primer


If you are looking for an alternative to the conventional oil or water-based primers, the Kilz L211101 sealer is an option to consider. When it comes to surfaces that are difficult to paint, using a primer helps the paint coat to adhere strongly.

Kilz high bonding primer is one such product that works well on fiberglass, PVC, and other such hard to paint surfaces. Kilz brand has been reputed for its paints and primers for over four decades.

Design And Materials

Kilz primer for interior and exterior surfaces is a water-based adhesive primer that works well under lacquers, epoxies, and products that have xylene or similar solvents.

The primer is a special latex formulation that has been designed to form secure bonds on slick surfaces that do not allow the use of oil-based or water-based primers that are available in the market.

Best Finish for Exterior Fiberglass Door


Due to its unique formulation, Kilz primer ensures any topcoat you apply over the primer painted surface stays adhered to for a long time.

The primer is available in one-gallon cans and can cover nearly 300 square feet surface area. I could see the best results when I prepared the surface well and ensured it was free of mold, grease, peeling paint, or chalk.

Make sure you mix the primer properly before using it. I used a brush to apply it. You can also use a spray or roller as you do with paint.

The primer dries quickly in about 30 minutes. The surface will be ready for a recoat in one hour.

What is it ideal for?

The primer is designed to be used on almost any surface, especially the surfaces that you find hard to paint like glass, Formica, PVC, Kynar, metals, fiberglass, chalky paints, glazed brick tile, and vinyl surfaces.

  • The primer works very well, and the paint coat stayed adhered to the surface without any hassle
  • Takes very little time to dry
  • Easy to apply with a brush or roller without worries about dripping
  • A single coat is sufficient as it is thick and smooth
  • Clean up after the application is easy. Just water is needed to clean it off
  • The smell is not good

Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Ultra Cover Premium Latex PaintBest Durable Fiberglass Door Finish

Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Ultra Cover Premium Latex Paint Review - Best Finish for Exterior Fiberglass Door

Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Latex Paint


When you are particular about the durability and ease of application, a finish like the one offered by Rust-Oleum can be the right one to satisfy your needs. The Painters Touch latex finish offers durability that is more than what you can expect with ordinary paints. It has many other desirable features.

Design And Materials

Rustoleum latex finish is made of an acrylic formula that is water-based. The special formulation does not emit much odor and offers protection for a long span and is chip resistant.

The product is available in one-quart capacity cans, which can cover nearly 120 square feet area.


The Painter’s Touch Rustoleum latex paint ensures a durable and smooth finish. It is resistant to fading and chipping due to its robust formula. Make sure the surface is properly sanded and degreased before you apply the latex paint. The finish is glossy and gives the surfaces a new and fresh look.

What is it ideal for?

The unique latex paint formulation from Rustoleum can be applied on several outdoor and indoor surfaces, including metal, masonry, unglazed ceramic, plaster, and fiberglass.

  • The surface is scratch-resistant
  • Provides a smooth glossy finish
  • The consistency, color, and texture are perfect
  • Price is cheap
  • Provides good coverage
  • Easy to use and clean up after
  • Does not work well on walls
  • Is suitable for resin and plastic surfaces only
  • Paint can dry up fast in the can if left open when you work

Best Bar Top Finish in the Market Today

Frequently asked questions about Best Finish for Exterior Fiberglass Door

Now that you have gone through my list of best finish for exterior fiberglass doors, here is a buying guide/FAQ section to help you choose the right one for your project.

What kind of paint do you use on a fiberglass door?

For fiberglass doors, you should consider a paint that is based on polyurethane, epoxy, polyester, or acrylic (100%). Oil or melamine-based paints should not be used. Alkyd, primer, stain, and varnish are other paints that you can use on fiberglass doors.

Can you stain a fiberglass door?

Yes, you can stain fiberglass doors. You can use oil-based stains, exterior stains that are opaque, and if the fiberglass is textured, a semitransparent or transparent stain.

Does a fiberglass door need to be primed before painting?

For painting fiberglass, you have to use sandpaper and primer before paint application. When using a primer, a topcoat is also ideal, but ensure the topcoat is of the same type as the primer.

Best Finish for Exterior Fiberglass Door – Conclusion

The best finish for the exterior fiberglass door can be chosen from the above products I have listed. While Kilz door finishes have the advantage of cheap pricing and good features, if you are mainly shopping for a gel coat type of finish, the Whisper Gray is a choice to consider.

For best quality that often comes with a brand reputation, a product like Rustoleum offers durability with the specific door finish features like glossy finish and scratch resistance. Try out the products and share your comments on your experience.

Did you like our Best Finish for Exterior Fiberglass Door Review? Don’t forget to comment and check our review on Best Coat over Latex Paint.

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