Best Drill Pump – Easiest and Cheapest Way to Pump Water

by James Antony | Last Updated: 18th May 2020

Drill pumps are designed to pump nonflammable fluids and can be used on water heaters, aquariums, clogged sinks, washing machines, and hot tubs. Drill pumps usually have standard garden hose fittings.

As there are no motors to control the impeller, you will be required to use a hand drill to get out any muck that may be in the pipes. There are various drill pumps available in the market that differs in terms of price, brand, and features.

In this Best Drill Pump review, we take a look at the top five best drill pumps that can be found in the market today. After reviewing the products, we shall also be going through a few commonly asked questions to alleviate some doubts. So, without further ado, let’s get to the review.

Milescraft 1314 Drill Pump 750Best Drill Powered Pump

Milescraft 1314 Drill Pump 750 - Best Drill Pump

Milescraft Drill Pump 750


First up, we have a quality product by Milescraft which works just as well as an electric drill. If you’re looking for a product that can easily drain large amounts of water from a source, then you will not be disappointed with this choice.


The hose connection that is provided with this product measures 3/4th of an inch and a shank which measures 3/8 of an inch. It is also compatible with many different forms of chucks. This multi-purpose drill can be used for draining fish tanks, small ponds, and even a flooded basement.


The drill pump works with most electrical drills and has a maximum speed of 2,800 RPM. It can self-prime for up to 12 feet and can pump as much as 750 gallons per hour. The drill pump has amazing functionality even though it is quite affordable. If you’re looking for a quality product at a reasonable rate, then this product is ideal for you.

  • Pumps up to 750 gallons per hour
  • Maximum speed of 2,800 RPM
  • Can self prime up to 12 feet
  • Quite affordable
  • Fits most common chucks
  • Can leak a bit around the piston

Wolfcraft 2202 Drill PumpEditor’s Choice

Wolfcraft 2202 Drill Pump - Drill Pump Review

Wolfcraft Drill Pump


Next up, we have a drill pump by Wolfcraft – one of the major German brands. This product works exceptionally well to not only pump water but also makes it easy by mounting permanently on board, thereby making it much more convenient to use.


With the product, you get a hose connection of half an inch and a shank of about 6mm. Its maximum priming height is 15m though with self-priming it is limited to 3m. This drill pump is required to be mounted on a board with flanges to provide stability.

Wolfcraft 2202 Drill Pump - Drill Pump Review


When attached to a power drill, this drill pump can pump as much as 1300 liters or 285 gallons of water per hour. It has a dry-running time of 30 seconds. Though it has a plastic build, it is quite sturdy and can work for quite some time.

  • Pumps 285 gallons of water per hour
  • Self primes up to 3 meters
  • Sturdy design
  • Major German brand
  • Fits most chucks
  • Must be secured to a board

Jabsco 17215-0000 Drill Pump KitBest Drill Powered Oil Pump

Jabsco 17215-0000 Drill Pump Kit - Best Water Drill Pump

Jabsco Drill Pump Kit


Here we have a product by Jabsco wherein users get the complete drill pump kit. Not only do you get all the necessary accessories that you would need to pump water, but you also receive a whole year’s worth of warranty.


The drill pump can be used to either pump out water or oil. The latter will allow you to change the engine oil by inserting the drill in the dipstick tube. It is important that you use warm oil before you can remove any oil that has been in the engine. It this is not done so, it will result in the pump overheating.

Jabsco 17215-0000 Drill Pump Kit - Best Water Drill Pump


The drill pump is compatible with an electric drill with a ¼ inch to 3/8 inch chuck. It can be self primed up to 3 feet. Users also get a ¾ inch garden hose thread port adapters. It can seem a little pricey to people but the fact that users can pump specific kinds of fluids is well worth the price.

  • Compatible with most chucks
  • Used to pump out oil and water
  • 1 year warranty
  • Self priming up to 3 feet
  • Comes with garden hose port adapters
  • A little on the expensive side

ZUWA Heavy Duty Drill Powered PumpBest Drill Operated Pump

ZUWA Heavy Duty Drill Powered Pump - Best Drill Pump Oil

ZUWA Heavy Duty Drill Powered Pump


The penultimate product on our list is by Zuwa. This is one of the most heavy-duty drill pumps that we have come across. Not only does it have multiple applications, but it also has premium construction that will ensure that it lasts for years.


This heavy-duty drill powered pump has a maximum speed of 2800 RPM and is designed to work with rechargeable and electric drills. The pump has a dry self-priming up to 15 feet. Its marine-grade construction truly allows the pump to handle a high degree of force and temperature.

Connections and Applications

This pump can transfer a wide range of liquids, even those that contain solids, oils, and corrosives. Its 3/8 inch shank fits most common chucks. As such it can be used for domestic water supply, car wash, draining aquariums, gearbox oil changes, sewerage disposal, and much more.

  • Premium construction
  • Maximum speed of 2800 RPM
  • Self priming up to 15 feet
  • Multiple applications
  • Compatible with most common chucks
  • Bit expensive, but the value for money is quite high too

WaterAce WA63UP Drill PumpBest Drill Driven Pump

WaterAce WA63UP Drill Pump - Best Pump Oil

WaterAce Drill Pump


Last, but definitely not the least, on our list is a drill pump by WaterAce. It has an impeccable construction and is ideal for small projects like sinks, tubs, or water heaters.


The pump fits into all standard ¼-inch and ½-inch drills. The inlets and outlets are marked for easy use with a garden hose. It is also corrosion-free thanks to its thermoplastic construction. Do note that this pump doesn’t self-prime so you will be required to prime it manually.

WaterAce WA63UP Drill Pump - Best Pump Oil


This pump is ideal for small areas like a small pond, sink, or a fountain. Its small size even makes it possible for you to hold it in your hand and there is no need to mount it. The pump can effectively drain about 300 gallons per hour which, given its size, is decent enough.

  • Very affordable
  • Small size
  • Can hold it in hand while in use
  • Ideal for small water draining projects
  • Quality construction
  • Doesn’t self-prime

Best Drill Pump Buyer’s Guide/FAQs

Now that we have reviewed the top five best drill pumps in the market, it is time to answer a few of the most commonly asked questions regarding them. Do go through these in full as they can really help you in understanding how to use these pumps, and what to keep in mind while using.

How does a drill pump work?

Drill pumps are used to pump nonflammable liquids. Since they don’t have any internal motor for driving the impeller, a standard hand drill is required to move the liquids. The drill power moves the impeller that pulls the liquid through the inlet hose and ejects it through the outlet line.

How to prime a drill pump?

To prime, the drill pump, attach the shaft to the drill and the hose to the other end of the shaft. Start the drill in forward mode. Fill the hose with water and then run the drill in reverse mode, and the drill is primed.

Can a drill pump be used to transfer oil?

Yes, drill pumps can be used to transfer oil as well as water. All you have to ensure is that the level of viscosity of the oil isn’t too high. The rubber impeller inside tends to degrade by the oil and starts working.

Final Thoughts

There are hundreds of drill pumps in the market though none of them come close to the same level of performance and accessibility as the ones that we have reviewed here. Most of the drill pumps listed here are compatible with most common chucks and can be used to transfer water and oil.

Though some of them come with accessories, others are highly valuable for their construction, while others still are ideal for small projects. Different drill pumps have different energy efficiency and power with which they transfer fluids. Choose the one that fits your needs and you won’t have to fret over the things that you don’t need.

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