Best Downspout Filter – Say No to a Potential Clog-Up

by James Antony | Last Updated: 16th May 2020

The accumulation of gutter sludge, decaying leaves, and sludge on the top and the bottom of the rain barrel is a common problem. The fact of the matter is that most gutter covers cannot keep all of the debris out of the buried landscape pipe, especially during periods of heavy rain. This can become a health hazard as well as look unseemly if the debris keeps clogging the underground downspout drainage system despite your best efforts to keep it clean.

The only way out is to get the best downspout filters for your downspout drainage system. These are efficient little devices that are easily installed in the downspouts and remove anything that can lead to a potential clog-up.

However, with a welter of options in the market, choosing one that can get the job done effectively is no easy task. That is why in this article we take a look at some of the top downspout filters you can get and how they can be beneficial to your draining system.

Furthermore, we shall also be looking at some of the commonly asked questions related to downspout filters. If you are already aware of the things you require in the best downspout filter, then let’s get on with the review.

The Wedge Downspout Gutter GuardEditor’s Choice

The Wedge Downspout Gutter Guard - Best Downspout Filter

The Wedge Downspout Gutter Guard


First up, we have a premium product by The Gutter Guard. It effectively resolves the problem of blocked drainage at a fraction of the cost of what a full gutter guard system would take to install.


The Wedge downspout gutter guard is designed to fit in any 2 inches by 3 inches downspout and fits into the standard 5-inch gutters. Its wedge design pushes the leaves upwards so that they dry off and blow out of the gutters. It is ridiculously easy to install and can be assembled within minutes without any tools. In the package, you will get the connectors that connect the wedges together.

The Wedge Downspout Gutter Guard - Best Downspout Filter


The Wedge Downspout gutter guard secures in downspouts easily but mainly works to prevent the buildup of leaves, unlike other filters and strainers. This ensures that that the rainwater can drain quickly and effectively while the debris is directed away from the downspout openings.

  • Wedge design keeps leaves from blocking the downspout
  • Can be used for different types of downspouts
  • Less expensive than most gutter guards
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Fits most standard downspout openings
  • Only prevents leaves, not debris, from getting into gutters

Waterproof Downspout Debris FilterBest Downspout Filter for Snowy Climates

Waterproof Downspout Debris Filter - Downspout Filter Review

Waterproof Downspout Debris Filter


Next up, we have a downspout debris filter from Wateproof.com, LLC. This product is a pack of 4 debris filters that are used to keep your downspouts unclogged. It is also ideal for those living in cold and snowy climates.


This product is designed to work with all standard-sized downspouts/gutters. These filters are very easy to install and connect to 4-inch PVC pipes without any hassle. Though the filters are made from plastic, they will hold up for a couple of seasons at the very least.

Waterproof Downspout Debris Filter - Downspout Filter Review


These filters effectively eject leaves, twigs, and other unwanted debris from downspouts and can also be used to protect ground drains. The surprising bit with these filters is that they also act as ice guards in snowy climates and are ideal for those living in colder climes.

  • Effectively keeps outs debris
  • Easy to install
  • Works as an ice guard in winter months
  • Fit most standard downspouts and PVC pipes
  • Four filters in a pack
  • Not the most durable product

Oatey Mystic Rainwater Collection SystemBest Rainwater Collection System

Oatey Mystic Rainwater Collection System - Best Rainwater Collection System

Oatey Mystic Rainwater Collection System


This is a uniquely designed downspout filter that doesn’t just remove debris but also helps in rainwater harvesting. If you’re looking to conserve and recycle rainwater while keeping your downspouts debris-free, this product by Oatey is definitely the one for you.


The design is this filter’s biggest selling point. Firstly, it fits into a standard 2-inch by 3-inch residential downspout easily. Secondly, it has a two-piece design and both parts are made from UV-resistant PVC plastic. What this means is that it can also be painted upon to match the color of your downspout. In the package, you will also get a 4-foot high-flow hose that can easily be cut to connect the diverter place where the water will be collected.

Oatey Mystic Rainwater Collection System - Best Rainwater Collection System


The collection system redirects the rainwater from the downspouts so it can be conserved for later use in garden and lawn watering. Its built-in reservoir channels the rainwater from the sides while pushing the debris in the center. As such, all the water that is collected is free from unwanted debris and sediments. Truly, there is no simpler way to ensure sustainability in practice.

  • Two-piece design separates sediments from the water
  • Fits into standard downspouts
  • Made from PVC plastic
  • Allows for rainwater harvesting
  • Can be painted
  • The hose provided is of sub-par quality

Rain Harvesting RHUL98 Leaf EaterBest Leaf Eater

Rain Harvesting RHUL98 Leaf Eater - Rainwater Collection System Review

Rain Harvesting Leaf Eater


Next, we have another downspout filter that can be used for rainwater harvesting while effectively removing sediments and leaves. This Leaf Eater rain head utilizes modern-technology that is an upgrade over traditional rain heads.


The rain head has a sleek cover and casing that blends well with the downspouts and provides a contemporary look. It is fully compatible with both vertical and horizontal pipe outlets. What’s more – it can even be installed mid-way down the pipes on dry harvesting systems which provide for easy maintenance.


This is one of the most efficient filters/leaf eaters as it utilizes leaf shredding technology. Its patented Hydro Active Filtration screen shakes and vibrates for maximum leaf shredding. The larger leaves and other debris are deflected even before they reach the screen thanks to the leaf slides. By deflecting and ensuring that debris and the leaves stay out of the downspouts, this downspout filter reduces potential sources of contamination and provides you with relatively cleaner rainwater.

  • Stainless Steel Screen
  • Utilizes shredding technology for leaves
  • Great Design
  • Allows for rainwater harvesting
  • Easy to install
  • A little on the expensive side

Frost King Wedge Downspout ScreenBest Value for Money

Frost King Wedge Downspout Screen - Downspout Screen Review

Frost King Wedge Downspout Screen


Last, but not least, on our list is another wedge-shaped downspout filter. This product is very affordable and gets the job done with ease.


The filter’s smart design eliminates downspout clogs and keeps the sloped screen clear of debris. Assembling it together is a breeze as the parts can be snapped together without any tools or instructions.


This downspout filter lets the moving water push the leaves up the slope which can later be wind dried, elevated, and blown away. Its grid screen is quite unique in that it lets only silt and sand to pass through. This way, the water flow remains consistent and you are saved the trouble of cleaning the gutter near the downspout.

  • Affordable
  • Fits into a most standard-sized downspout
  • Easy to assemble
  • Effectively keeps leaves and debris at bay
  • Poor plastic construction

Best Downspout Filter Buyer’s Guide – FAQs

Though we have come to the end of our review, we still have to go through a few commonly asked questions regarding these downspout filters. These will help you to know what they are used for, and how to ensure proper functionality. But first please check this article about fall protection.

How do I stop the downspouts from blocking?

To ensure that the gutters are not being blocked, it is advisable to use the best downspout filters. These grates block the debris but allow rainwater to go through.

What are some benefits of using downspout filters?

Other than the fact that downspout filters keep the debris from choking the downspout, these are cost-effective solutions for filtering rooftop runoff. Furthermore, they have a compact, straightforward design and are very easy to install.

How often should I check for debris buildup in the downspouts?

Generally, cleaning of the downspouts twice a year is sufficient for most homes. This can be done near the end of spring and later at the end of fall, and the leaves have fallen.

How do I know if my downspout is clogged?

Downspout clogs cannot be easily seen. Feel inside the downspout by tapping with a piece of metal, beginning at the top and making your way down. If water is not flowing through the downspouts then you most probably have a clog. This can be prevented by using a downspout filter.

Best Downspout Filter – Final Thoughts

A downspout filter can effectively solve most of your problems relating to downspout clogging. Different products will have a different design but most tend to be effective in keeping debris at bay, especially the ones mentioned herein.

We hope that through this review you now have sufficient understanding about downspout filters and can make an informed decision. It is important that you check for debris buildup and maintain the downspout from time to time. But with the best downspout filter, you can limit the number of times that you have to do so.

Did you like our Best Downspout Filter Review? Please comment! And don’t forget to check our other reviews – Best Frost Free Sillcock and others!

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