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by James Antony | Last Updated: 14th September 2020

For a car mechanic, a bubble flare tool is one of the most important pieces of equipment to have. Additionally, they are fairly simple to understand and use, which makes them a perfect addition even for non-professionals.

It is a decent tool that can flare brake lines with effectiveness and saves you from all the troubles and hassles. They have been designed for brakes with a higher pressure.

However, the market is filled with products that will absolutely do more harm than good to your brake lines. If you do not know what you are specifically looking for, you can easily end up with something inferior.

If you are looking for the best flaring tools, you can take a look at the ones mentioned below. They are considered some of the top products in the market today and will not disappoint you. Read more about them in the following section.

Titan 51535 3/16-Inch Double Flaring ToolBest Overall

Titan Double Flaring Tool - Best Bubble Flare Tool Review

Titan Double Flaring Tool


If you are looking for something quite simple to understand and use, you can easily consider the Titan 51535. One of the top aspects of this brake line flaring tool is that it is packed with an elaborate instructive guide that will help you understand how to use it. All you need to do is follow the guide and you will get a hang of the 51535 faster than you would realize.


One of the best features of this tool is that is can easily be used in compact spacing. Thanks to its small size, you can easily use it anywhere you like, without any hassles.

Best Bubble Flare Tool Review


Once you open the package, you will see four different types of specialized tools that will help you invert 45-degree SAE double flare with 3/16-inch nickel-copper and steel tubing. Even after you remove the handle, you will be able to use the tool to its full capabilities.

  • Capable of creating a perfect 45-degree flare angle
  • The compact design allows you to use the tool on all types of vehicles
  • The handle can be removed with ease
  • The 51535 can be used to repair, even if the brake lines are still in position
  • The 51535 is a bit on the expensive side

TGR Professional Brake Line Flaring ToolBest Durability

TGR Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool - Best Bubble Flare Tool Review

TGR Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool


If you are looking for something that offers the best value for your money, you can opt for the TGR Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool. This model provides access to 3/8-inches, 5/16-inches, 1/4-inches, and 3/16-inches tubing dies. Additionally, you will also be provided with three different kinds of flares – the bubble, the single, and the double flares.


The overall design of this TGR bubble flare tool is made to be durable. It can withstand hours of operation at a single go. The colorful appearance adds more touch to the aesthetics as well. The TGR flare is fitted with a T-screw clamp that can hold the tube and the die securely.

Best Bubble Flare Tool Review


The great aspect about this tool is that the model is very easy to operate and handle, even by non-professionals. You do not have to worry about any technical aspects. All you need to do is take out the tool and you are good to go! However, maintenance is not easy.

  • Packed with a sample flare with a sample flare
  • Simple to understand and use
  • The tool can create three different types of flares
  • The tube and die are secured via the T-handle screw clamp
  • Maintaining the tool is not easy and needs to be done frequently

OTC 4504 Stinger ISO Bubble Flaring Tool KitBest Looking

OTC 4504 Stinger ISO Bubble Flaring Tool Kit - Best Bubble Flare Tool Review

OTC Stinger ISO Bubble Flaring Tool Kit


The OTC 4504 is a great choice if you are looking for something that looks great and performs optimally as well. The tool consists of sturdy and durable components, which allows you to make single or double flares in brass, aluminum, copper tubing; it can also be used on soft steel brake line tubing. It is a versatile tool and is chrome-plated, thereby minimizing friction and the damage caused to the tool.


As mentioned above, the OTC 4504 is quite a ‘handsome’ tool that looks visually-pleasing and aesthetic. It comes in an elegantly-designed box; if you are all about looks, then you will definitely love the simplistic black finish. Apart from making the OTC 4504 look great, the chrome plating minimizes damage to the tool while working.


Apart from looks, the OTC 4504 also offers a great performance level. The steel swivel provides versatility. Additionally, it is also packed with five different types of adaptors and a heat-treated and forged yoke that adds durability and strength. It is quite an advanced tool; hence, it only should be handled by professionals.

  • The tool can be stored easily
  • One of the most reliable and sturdiest flaring tools today
  • The brake is leak-free
  • Thanks to its features, you will get firmly-clamped pipes
  • Since it is quite an advanced tool, it is mostly used by professionals
  • The unit conversion might sound like an issue for some users

MASTERCOOL Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool SetBest Versatility

MASTERCOOL Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool Set - Best Bubble Flare Tool Review

MASTERCOOL Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool Set


The MASTERCOOL 72475-PRC is considered another popular flaring tool in the market; it is mostly known for providing more versatility than its counterparts. It is fitted with several features and adjustments that make it a top-quality flare tool. Inside the kit, you will see different metric flares of different sizes like brake lines, GM line flare, and transmission flares.


Overall, the 72475-PRC consists of materials that have been graded as high-quality. This means that the tool will last you for a long time. Additionally, it also features a great die that only enhances the grip. It will also hold it at a correct position, thanks to the super-magnetic adapter. The overall design is quite ergonomic. However, it is the design that prevents it from being used to push connections.

Best Bubble Flare Tool Review


As mentioned above, the tool is fitted with a lot of features. In fact, you might not even make use of them all for your car. The 72475-PRC is quite easy to work with. Thanks to the functionality and the grip, you will have no problems with the performance and functionalities.

  • One of the simplest flaring tools to work with
  • The magnetic adapter will hold everything in place and organized
  • The tool is quite sturdy and will last for a long time
  • Provides a good ergonomic grip
  • Not a good option for push connections

Best Bubble Flare Tool – Buyer’s Guide

Here is some important information related to bubble flare tools.

The working of bubble flare tools

As mentioned above, a bubble flare tool is a brake line flare that is used in almost all types of automobiles today. Since the flare is much stronger, it is also capable of accommodating late-model vehicles that have a higher brake pressure.

When you insert the tube half in the bubble flare vise, all you need to do is move it a bit above the vise’s surface. Once done, you need to tighten it down. Additionally, you also need to ensure that you clean the tube hole with the help of a needle file.

Next, you need to file the tube flat to the vise’s surface and move it into the desired position. Once done, use a file to tighten it up and then flare it with the help of a wire brush. Once done, you will see perfect flares.

If you want to ensure that the tube does not move in the vise, you can use the following procedures for the tightening process:

Things to consider before buying a bubble flare tool

Before you buy a bubble flare tool, you need to consider some important factors, which include:


Considering the budget that you are willing to spend on the bubble flare tool is the first factor you need to consider. Expensive ones are usually fitted with more features and often have better quality. However, if you cannot afford them, you must choose one that has the required features and is of decent quality.

Brake system

Another important consideration is the brake system and the subsequent brake line flaring tool that is used in the automobile. This is quite critical since bubble flare tools are not compatible with all systems. With this knowledge, you will end up choosing the right tool.

Prevention of leakage

The bubble flare tool that you choose should not leak under any circumstances. Hence, the tool needs to be made of high-quality materials. Additionally, the solid fittings will only help in minimizing the chances of leakage.

Best Bubble Flare Tool Review

Best Bubble Flare Tool – FAQs

Here are some common FAQs related to bubble flare tools:

Is it necessary for brake lines to be double-flared?

Speaking generally, brake lines can be single flared as well. However, they are not recommended because they crack easily and prone to leakage as well. It is suggested that you choose a double flare.

Can compression fitting be used on a brake line?

Yes, a compression fitting can be used on a brake line. However, it is quite unreliable and not recommended. If your car is not often used, then it can be considered.

What are flaring tools used for?

Flaring tools are often used for pipe fitting. They can be expanded from one end of a pipe to another so that they can fit better in the next section.

Best Bubble Flare Tool – Final Thoughts

Bubble flare is one of the common types of flaring you will see in cars, especially the new ones. Hence, it is always beneficial that you keep a bubble flaring tool around you. If you are looking for the best value of money, both in terms of performance and safety, you need to choose a tool that best serves your needs the best.

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