Best Bar Top Finish in the Market Today – Buyer’s Guide

by James Antony | Last Updated: 27th January 2020

Do you know that there are several types of top finish you can use for your furniture? A top finish not only protects your furniture from damage and scratches but also gives it an aesthetic and glossy finish. It is exactly what you need to transform your old center table into a beautiful swan. However, although bar top finish can work on almost all surfaces, there are a lot of brands in the market, and choosing the best can be overwhelming.

In this article, we have made the buying process easier for you by researching intensively and extensively to find out the best bar top finish you can get in the market today. We reviewed the top 4 and also provided the answer to questions that might be bothering you. Read on to find out!

Top Bar Top Finish Review

ProMarine Supplies Crystal Clear Bar Table Top Epoxy Resin CoatingBest for Professional

ProMarine Supplies Crystal Clear Bar Table Top Epoxy Resin Coating for Wood Tabletop Review - Buyer’s Guide

ProMarine Supplies Crystal Clear Epoxy Coating


This Epoxy resin bar top finish is popular for its durability and high-quality sheen when appropriately applied. It can be used for a variety of tabletops and furniture, but it is exceptionally ideal for outdoor bars. Its high UV resistant formula ensures that if the bar tops are frequently exposed to sunlight, they won’t turn yellow or cloud over time. It is also scratch, blush, and water resistance.

For best results, successive thin coatings should be applied as the reactive heat is extremely high. Once cured, you are delivered a durable tabletop with the right color, high sheen, and impact strength. The product weighs approximately 8kg and can be used on Formica, Ceramic, Concrete, Copper, Stainless Steel, Sculptures, Artwork, Tile, and many more.

Best Bar Top Finish in the Market Today

  • It is versatile
  • Resistant to blush and UV
  • Gets rid of the fisheye, crawling, and craters
  • Offers high gloss, tough, water-resistant coating
  • Some users complained about inconsistency, and some said it is expensive

MAS bar Top Pro Epoxy Resin and HardenerBest for Novice and DIYers

MAS Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin & Hardener Pro Kit for Wood Tabletop, Bar Top Review - Buyer’s Guide

MAS Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin & Hardener Pro Kit


MAS bar top epoxy finish is favored by professionals and DIY amateurs for a variety of applications because of its ease of use. It contains products that deliver glossy, clear, and beautiful finish to your tabletop once cured. The product comes with a spreader and brush that you can use to apply it on your table, excellent if you intend to do it yourself. It also means fewer materials to buy from the supply shop.

Best Bar Top Finish in the Market Today

MAS Epoxy Resin & harder can be used easily on tabletops, resin art, stone, marble, and more. It also comes with an instructional manual that you should follow to the latter for the best results. Excellent for outdoor bar tops as it includes UV resistant material.

  • Beautiful high-gloss, self-leveling, and ultra-clear coating
  • It comes with a kit to reduce cost and its use easy for DIY
  • Product is consistent and high-quality
  • It is easy to use, and the application is numerous
  • The common complaint of users is that it hardened fast, so it requires a very short working time

East Coast Resin Crystal Clear EPOXY Resin Kitfor Super Gloss Coating and TABLETOPS

East Coast Resin EPOXY Resin Crystal Clear 1 Gallon Kit. for Super Gloss Coating and TABLETOPS Review - Buyer’s Guide

East Coast Resin Crystal Clear EPOXY Resin Kit


This epoxy resin tabletop finish is another raving product by its users. It contains all the necessary materials to deliver ultra-clear and glossy finish on your furniture. Following the guide manual carefully during application will ensure you get a flawless surface on your counter and tabletops.

EPOXY resin Crystal is safe, odorless and includes UV resistant materials for outdoor usage. It is also scratch and water-resistant, guaranteeing last-long design. It weighs 8 pounds and takes approximately 30 minutes to apply on your tabletop. For best results allow curing for at least 48 hours. Perfect for use on Stone, Marble, tile, wood, veneer, porcelain, and many more.

Best Bar Top Finish in the Market Today

  • Water, scratch, and UV resistant
  • Odorless and harmless
  • Very easy to use
  • Offers crystal clear coating that is flawless
  • Some users complained that it produces some odors after a few weeks of using it
  • Users have issues with bubbling

Incredible Solutions Table Top and Bar Top Epoxy ResinBest self-leveling bar top finish

Incredible Solutions Table Top & Bar Top Epoxy Resin, Ultra Clear UV Resistant Finish Self Leveling Review - Buyer’s Guide

Incredible Solutions Table Top & Bar Top Epoxy Resin


One feature of this epoxy resin, especially loved by DIY’s and first-timers, is its self-leveling feature. For a smooth and uniform finish, the mixture automatically levels at corners and edges. It is also quite easy to use, the recommended mix is 1:1, and pour is ¼. It means you pour only a quarter of your mixture in thin coatings, gradually.

Table Top and Bar Top Epoxy Resin is also odorless, 100% water, and scratch-resistant and has quick curing. It has a consistent thickness when mixed properly, and it ensures your final result is even. You can use it in a myriad of applications such as artwork, wood, concrete, canvas, bottle caps, and much more.

Best Bar Top Finish in the Market Today

  • Resistant to yellowing
  • Quick curing, Zero VOC, and low odor
  • Resistant to impact, blemish, and water
  • It levels itself at the edges, bar rails, and corners
  • It may not be suitable for casting

What to Consider When Buying a Bar Top Finish

Before buying a top finish, there are several factors you should consider. A few of them are listed below.

1. Does not bubble too much

While pouring your finish on your tabletop, there will inevitably be bubbles on the surface. There are ways to reduce the bubble during the application. However, buying one that produces the least amount possible is important. They leave ugly marks on your surface if left out, and the best way to eliminate them while applying your finish is to use a heat source.

2. Self-levels

Most brands claim that their product self-levels; however, you should read customer reviews to ensure this is true before buying. You can also test on a small surface to see if it levels on its own before application. Using a foam brush to level the surface is inadvisable as it can ruin your work, especially as an amateur.

Best Bar Top Finish in the Market Today

3. Buy the correct amount of top finish

When shopping for a top finish, you must buy more than enough to cover your tabletop. The general rule is to use twelve sq. ft per mixed gallon at 1/8 inch. You can also use tabletop finish calculators online to find the amount you would need. Generally, too much is better than too little.

4. UV resistant

Finally, ensure the product you are buying is UV resistant. Exposure to the sun can cause the surface to yellow or cloud over time. Even if your tabletop is indoor, getting a bar top finish that has UV inhibitors is important as light can pass through windows and doors.

Best Bar Top Finish in the Market Today

Frequently asked questions about Bar Top Finish

How many coats of polyurethane do I need for a bar top?

At least three coats of polyurethane are needed on your bar top to give it a high sheen. You should also wait between each application of the coat before applying the next. As the mixture as to dry completely, and it may take at least 12 hours.

What is the best wood for a bar top?

No one wood is better than the other, as you would consider several factors – Durability, affordability, Usage, and personal preference. The important thing is they are cut and made at the highest quality. Some examples of wood for bar tops include; iroko, white oak, Saxon, ogee, chamfer, and more.

What happens if you don’t sand between coats of polyurethane?

Nothing bad! Sanding between coatings ensure easier adhesion. However, if you properly apply the coating on your surface, there may be no need to sand, especially if your next coating is within 24-48 hours. For best results, you should sand between coats of polyurethane as it helps remove dust nibs and brush marks and gives an overall smoother surface.

How thick should a bar top be?

Your bar top should be about 2 inches thick and have an average dimension of 42 x 96 x 20 inches. However, there is room for adjustment, as you should also consider the average number of people that will occupy the tabletop.

Is it safe to use a finish on tumblers and mugs?

This depends on how well you mix and apply your top finish. They are mostly safe to use on food materials. However, you should mix your finish thoroughly or outsource a professional.

Can I pour epoxy finish over oil-based products?

No, epoxy does not mix well with oil and should not be used together. However, if you insist, you should pour a clear water-based coating over the surface and allow curing thoroughly before applying the epoxy.

How long does it take for the epoxy finish to cure?

Typically takes 12-24 hours to cure completely.

Can you put hot items on the epoxy bar top finish?

You should not put too-hot items on a bar that is finished with epoxies, such as hot pan or skillet. The maximum temperature it can withstand is 135 degrees Fahrenheit. It means you can place your hot cup of tea or coffee, plates, bowls, and more. If you wish to place your hot pots on the tabletop, you should use a potholder as a base.

Best Bar Top Finish – Conclusion

If you’re looking to use a finish on your bar top, this article should give you the basic guidelines for starting. Bartop finish not only makes your table and countertops more attractive, but it also ensures longevity. Any of mentioned above epoxies will make your bar top beautiful and durable.

And in case you would like to stain wood before applying coating you should check our cabot australian timber oil review or minwax polyshades review!

P.S. Good to know about first aid.

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