Best Adhesive for Ceramic Soap Dish – To Install or Fix

by James Antony | Last Updated: 27th May 2020

Installing a soap dish correctly can help you prevent water from getting behind it and also into the shower walls. Also, when you use the right adhesive for the installation, it prevents the shower soap dish from falling and injuring someone taking a shower or cracking your tiles.

If you want your ceramic soap dish to adhere properly to the shower wall using the top-notch adhesives in the market is the best option.

After doing intensive and extensive research, we found the top three best adhesives for a ceramic soap dish. They give a firm bond even in the most compromising situations. Find out more about them below in our Best Adhesive for Ceramic Soap Dish Review!

E6000 High Viscosity AdhesiveBest Adhesive for Ceramic Soap Dish

E6000 High Viscosity Adhesive Review - Best Adhesive for Ceramic Soap Dish

E6000 High Viscosity Adhesive


When it comes to installing your ceramic soap dish or fixing it when broken, this adhesive is an excellent choice. It forms a permanent bond between materials. Also, it is 60-times more flex and two-times stronger than polyurethane. When you apply this adhesive an item and it cured, extreme cold or heat won’t be able to affect it because it is resistant to temperature.

It is also resistant to chemical, and that makes it safe to be used on items that features dilute caustics and dilute acids. Besides, when the adhesive is completely cured, you can submerge it in water because it is waterproof.

The versatility provided by E6000 High Viscosity Adhesive is higher than rubber cement and silicones, thanks to its non-flammable and industrial-strength properties. Its use is not limited to ceramic items; you can also use it for concrete, glass, metal, wood, masonry, and fiberglass.

If you want the color of the area where the adhesive is applied to match the surrounding area, it is possible because the product is paintable.

  • It allows for flexibility making it perfect for items subject to vibration
  • Highly viscous and temperature resistant
  • Non-flammable, very tough, waterproof, and chemical resistant
  • Application is almost unlimited
  • The opening sometimes makes it challenging to use on small items.

J-B Weld 8272 MarineWeld Marine EpoxyBest Glue for Ceramic

J-B Weld MarineWeld Marine Epoxy Review - Best Glue for Ceramic

J-B Weld MarineWeld Marine Epoxy


If you are looking for an adhesive that can do a great job on your ceramic soap dish, look no further as the J-B Weld 8272 MarineWeld Marine Epoxy is one of the best in the market. It comes with a two-part epoxy cold weld system. This feature offers multiple surfaces sturdy, lasting repairs and installation.

J-B Weld MarineWeld Marine Epoxy Review - Best Glue for Ceramic

The adhesive takes about four hours to set and between 16 to 24 hours to cure after mixing them. Also, the product comes with a tensile strength of 5020 PSI, making it to provide a more reliable and firm bond between items. Besides, the adhesive is highly resistant to temperature as it can withstand heat around 2870c.

As for the surface application, you can apply it on fiberglass, tile and ceramic, wood, concrete, PVC, plastic, metal, and more. Unlike some other inferior adhesives on the market, you can drill, sand, file, tap, and shape the MarineWeld Marine Epoxy when it is cured. Furthermore, this product comes with a dark grey cure color.

  • It is steel reinforced to provide stronger bonding on many surfaces
  • The adhesive offer superior quality and performance
  • It is acid, chemical, and petroleum resistant
  • Its strength is retained when submerged in water
  • When compared to some other adhesive for a ceramic soap dish, it takes more time to set

Bob Smith Industries BSI-205 Clear Slow-Cure EpoxyBest Epoxy for Ceramic

Bob Smith Industries BSI-205 Clear Slow-Cure Epoxy Review - Best Epoxy for Ceramic

Bob Smith Industries BSI-205 Clear Slow-Cure Epoxy


If you need an adhesive that gives you enough time to work before curing, this can be a perfect product for you as it offers 30-minute working time. The bonding formed by this product does not weaken or wear out in water conditions because it is waterproof.

Also, it is more heat resistant and comes with a tensile strength of 4500 PSI, a feature that offers exceptional bonding strength between items.

Apart from your ceramic soap dish, the Bob Smith Slow-Cure Epoxy works best on white foam, reinforcing, and glass and metal. Also, it works well on laminating, hard plastics, fiberglass, hardwood, softwood, and balsa wood.

The product needs about eight hours to cure fully. In case you don’t want to spend so many time, check Bob Smith Industries BSI-133H Super Glue – the banner is above.

Bob Smith Industries BSI-205 Clear Slow-Cure Epoxy Review - Best Adhesive for Ceramic Soap Dish

  • Better bonding which results from its better penetration into porous surfaces
  • Its strength is maintained in the lowest and highest temperature
  • Offers a medium thick viscosity
  • It cures in 30 minutes and even less sometimes
  • The adhesive dries faster sometimes preventing from having enough work time

Best Adhesive for Ceramic Soap Dish

Best Adhesive for Ceramic Soap Dish – What to Consider When Buying a Ceramic Adhesive

If you want to install or fix a ceramic soap dish and do the job correctly, you can’t just go to the store and pick any adhesive you see. You need to consider some critical factors before making your final decision. Some of the elements are discussed below.

Consider what you want to use the adhesive for – ensure the glue you want to buy is best for ceramic products. Check the list of surfaces and the product it can work on before making your final decision.

Waterproof – if you are going to use the adhesive on an item placed where water can easily reach like shower, kitchen, and outdoor, ensure you go for one that is highly waterproof. It means the adhesive won’t disintegrate quickly, and your item will stay bonded for a long time, even when submerged in water.

How long it will take the adhesive to dry – the drying time of glues varies, and your choice should often depend on how fast you want the job to be done. Whether you can wait overnight for the adhesive to cure entirely or you need glue that won’t waste your time, there are different options on the market.

Cure color – Also, consider the cure color; will it go well with the color of the item you want to work on?

Container shape – to avoid wasting the glue, excess dripping, and some dangers adhesive can cause to skin, consider the type of container the product comes in. Adhesive with nozzle fitted mouth or brush is often a perfect option as you will be able to direct the glue to where you want easily.

Also, consider the cost and confirm that it is food safe.

How Do You Attach A Ceramic Soap Dish To A Shower?

After you have finally decided on the best adhesive for your repair or installation job, it is time to get started. So, how do you get the job done perfectly?

Step 1
Remove the old adhesives and glue from the shower wall and the back of the soap dish if you are reinstalling or replacing it with a new one. You need a razor blade scraper for this step.

Step 2
Ensure there is no moisture on both surfaces, make up the adhesive, and apply it around the outer edge of the soap dish. You should also apply quick set glue to the center so that the soap dish can bond quickly to the shower and maintain a fixed position while caulking around the item.

Step 3
Press the soap dish on the shower wall firmly and ensure it doesn’t move. You can use some painters tape to hold the soap dish in place.

Step 4
Caulk around the soap dish properly by using a 100% silicone caulk that goes with the tiles’ color.

Step 5
Use your finger to smooth the caulk, remove the tape, and then use your finger to smooth the caulk again.

Step 6
This is the final step. Leave the adhesive for about 24 hours so that it can set completely. During this time, ensure that you don’t put pressure on or against the soap dish.

How Do You Glue Ceramic Soap Dishes?

Is your ceramic soap dish broken or cracked? There are a few steps you can take to fix the broken pieces. Note that these steps will only work for you if the dish is not broken in tiny parts or more than you can put together. If you have to be struggling with it like a jigsaw puzzle, then we will advise you to replace it with a new ceramic soap dish.

Best Adhesive for Ceramic Soap Dish – Wrapping up

With the three best adhesives mentioned above, you shouldn’t have a problem picking the perfect glue for fixing or installing your favorite ceramic soap dish again. Also, following the steps to attach the soap dish to a shower or even put the broken pieces together will save you money and time.

Did you like our Best Adhesive for Ceramic Soap Dish Review? Please comment and don’t forget to check Wet and Forget Review.

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