Best 200 AMP Panel – An Essential Safety Measure for Your Home

by James Antony | Last Updated: 6th October 2020

If you spend a lot of time installing electric circuitry around your home, you need to be aware of everything related to it. A circuit breaker panel, or a 200-amp panel, is the switches that can be turned down automatically or manually in case of an overload or accident. This is a safety measure that prevents your home from catching fire due to this overload or power failure.

Some of the best 200-amp panels in the market include:

Siemens MM0202B1200 200-Amp Meter Main CombinationBest Residential Electrical Panel

Siemens 200-Amp Meter Main Combination - Best 200 AMP Panel Review

Siemens 200-Amp Meter Main Combination


The Siemens MM0202B1200 is a load center that has a simple design, thereby reducing the overall installation time. The company is extremely reputed and well-known for many years for manufacturing the best amp panels. It is a single-phase lug load the can easily provide up to 125-amps of surge protection.

Best 200 AMP Panel Review

Best features

While it is a subpanel, you can easily covert the MM0202B1200 to the main breaker panel. The panel consists of 24 circuits, which contain 12 spaces to connect it to different electrical devices. Space is more than enough for the panel to be used indoors.

The panel is also fitted with combination head screws on neutral, pre-positioned bond screws, upper pan, and mounting tabs for easy and quick installation. Sadly, you will not see any indicators here.

  • The amp panel is capable of withstanding any surge of high capacity
  • The overall construction of the panel is robust and sturdy
  • The panel is very easy and fast to install
  • The panel is not fitted with any indicators

Square D by Schneider Electric HOM3060M200PQCVP Homeline 200 Amp Indoor Main BreakerBest 200 AMP Breaker Box

Square D by Schneider Electric Homeline 200 Amp Indoor Main Breaker - Best 200 AMP Panel Review

Square D by Schneider Electric Homeline 200 Amp


The Square D panel is a load breaker that is fitted with several features. It features a UL certification for amp panels and a quick installation process. This is quite a value pack since it features 24 spaces for 48 circuits and 100 amps.

The panel also accepts ground and neutral bars. If can also be converted into an overhead or underground feed right before the installation process.

Best 200 AMP Panel Review

Best features

The overall quality of the Square D panel is quite satisfactory. On the top, you will see the main breaker and two HO breakers. Overall, you will see five breakers. But you will have to purchase a plug-on secondary arrester separately.

The body of the amp panel is robust and consists of a thermoplastic interior coating. The pricing and powerful performances are the best aspects of this amp panel. The panel is quite big as well.

  • The overall construction of the panel is robust
  • The pricing of the product is quite affordable
  • The panel can detect surge almost instantly
  • The product cannot be installed in tight places

Siemens W0202MB1200CU 200 Amp Outdoor Circuit BreakerBest Electrical Panel for Home

Siemens 200 Amp Outdoor Circuit Breaker - Best 200 AMP Panel Review

Siemens 200 Amp Outdoor Circuit Breaker


If you are looking for dividing the electrical power of your house or building, then the Siemens W0202MB1200CU is considered a great option. It is easily one of the most durable amp panels that can bear 123-amps of current and a voltage of 240 volts. It also has 8 spaces and 16 circuits.

The product has been UL listed that complies with UL and NEC requirements. Additionally, it can also be used for equipment grounding and as service equipment.

Best features

The amp panel is made of code-gauge steel. It can be used as a main breaker retainer clip. It also works nicely and consists of solid neutral and single-phase circuits. The appliance is also fitted with an aluminum bus bar that makes it one of the most durable options in the market.

It is a basic panel that is capable of handling all your electrical systems in your home. If you live in a small building/house, this is a perfect option.

  • The panel is very easy to install
  • The steel structure makes the panel very durable
  • The breaker has been UL-listed
  • Not a good choice for large buildings

What is the capacity of the service panel?

The primary job of a breaker is to stop more electric power entering the smaller circuits than it can handle. While most homes today are fitted with 200-amp panels, there are still some older houses that use 100-amp panels.

While these 100-amp panels work great for many electrical panels, they can get strained as you keep adding electrical appliances in your home. Hence, it is recommended that you use a 200-amp panel to run more appliances.

To know the capacity of your panel, you can look inside – if it says 100 amps, you can upgrade it to a 200-amp panel.

Why should you upgrade an electric meter to a 200-amp panel?

People living in homes, especially in urban areas, make use of electrical gadgets all too often. If you use the gadgets below the service capacity, your breaker will not trip. However, as you keep increasing the devices and appliances, it might be time to upgrade your electric panel to increase the service capacity.

There are several reasons for using best 200 AMP panel like:

Increased safety

Using a 200-amp panel will improve the safety of how your home uses power. Even if the breakers do not trip frequently, chances are that you are running close to 100-amp panel capacity.

More than 100 amps are used in AC and heating systems and lighting even before you decide to use a hairdryer. Hence, upgrading to a 200-amp panel will give your home’s electrical system more space to breathe.

More available circuits

If you install a 200-amp panel, you will have extra room to install more circuits. This is quite handy – for instance, for appliances that draw out the most power, they can be given separate circuits. This means that the likelihood of tripping the breaker becomes unlikely.

Or, you can use a dedicated circuit for your home office or workshop where you use several power tools. Smaller service panels do not have space for a lot of circuits.

Space for new devices

Older electric panels cannot keep up with the power requirements of new and modern technology. Most of these devices are used continuously, thereby putting a significant strain on the old panels.

Upgrading to a 200-amp service is worth the cost since it opens up more room for significant upgrades like an electric vehicle charging station, a home theatre, pool lightings, etc.

Best 200 AMP Panel Review

Best 200 AMP Panel – Buyer’s Guide

It is obvious that your house uses several types of electric gadgets. Keeping in mind the volatile nature of electricity, a 200-amp panel shuts off the circuit in cases of overloading.

Hence, you prevent huge damage to your valuable electrical appliances. There are several factors that you need to remember while looking for the best 200-amp panel like:

Type of circuit breakers

Circuit breakers are divided into two types:

Thermal magnetic protection

This is the most common type of circuit breaker found in homes, especially in the US. These devices utilize two components that trigger the power shutdown. An electromagnet is the first component that responses to large surges caused in the current.

The second component is a thermal bimetallic strip that prevents low-level electric surges. Thermal magnetic protection is very popular because the response time and the restarting capability are quick.

Magnetic protection

These are magnetic-only breakers and also known as motor circuit protectors (MCP). These devices are used to protect a motor circuit from short circuits. It consists of a coil inside the structure that forms a magnetic field, which causes a trip and shuts down the overflow of current.

Voltage rating

Unlike residential zones, you need circuit breakers that can handle high voltage for commercial and industrial settings. For homes, a low or medium voltage breaker is a perfect option and can handle a load of about 1,000 volts.

However, you will need breakers for loads between 1,000 and 70,000 volts for commercials settings while industrial zones require a voltage rating of greater than 70,000 amps.

Operating conditions

The type of circuit breaker you choose will depend on the operating conditions as well. The device should be capable of surviving the environment of the location where it will be placed. For hot places, you will need a thermal-magnetic 200-amp panel.

Additionally, the breakers should not be placed on corrosive areas. It is recommended that you use space heaters in humid places. Additionally, the panels need to be placed in places of heavy shock probability.

Breaking capacity

A typical 200-amp panel needs to have the maximum interrupt rating. The breaking capacity is the panel’s highest amount of fault current it can handle without causing a system failure or damage. The choice of breaker you choose needs to have a breaking capacity more than the system’s fault current.


The amp panel is installed in a circuit breaker panel’s singular positions. Hence, you need to remember the installation process to avoid further damage and confusion.

You also need to remember the size of a standard electric panel. It is recommended that you use the services of an electrician if you do not know how to install a 200-amp panel.

Best 200 AMP Panel – Final Thoughts

Understanding about 200-amp panels may require some technical know-how. You should also know which the best places are to install these panels. Hence, you can make use of the above-mentioned products for your home once you understand your requirements.

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